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My previous post discussed why you should be playing X-Wing. Hopefully, you have decided to start playing the game, and that’s why you’re here. So, now you might have questions like, how do I Play and/or what do I need to buy? Today, I am going to break down everything you will need to start playing the X-Wing Miniature game right away and on a budget. Learn to play X-Wing is listed below.

X-wing is played and sold at comic and game shops, most of these stores have a demonstration set of the game, and they will teach you how to play. I highly recommend visiting your local stores to learn the dynamics of the game. X-wing is easy to learn; still, it is much easier to learn with a hands-on demonstration. It is also nice to get a feel for your local play X-Wing community to determine if you want to join before spending any money. We have three shops locally and few more within reasonable driving distance. Some of these groups are more accommodating to our children, who also play, than the others. I suggest getting a feel for your local community before investing any money.

What to buy?

There are three factions in the X-Wing Game, Rebels, Imperial and Scum. I will discuss getting into the Scum and Villainy faction in another post. The standard format of the game is each player assembles a “list” of ships/pilots and upgrade cards. Pilot and upgrade have a point cost, and the list may be built up to 100 points. Typically, a player will field between 3 to 5 ships in a game. To begin playing you will need a core set, the core set will have all the necessary Starships, dice and movement templates required to start playing some practice games. However, you are going to need more ships to field a 100-point list.

There are two versions of the core set, the original core set, comes with one Rebel X-Wing and two Imperial TIE fighters from the original movies and The Force Awakens core set comes with one Resistance X-Wing and two First Order TIE fighters. Those on a budget will want to pick up The Force Awakens core set; the newer core set has upgraded damage cards that eventually will become standard.

If you are buying just for one player and are on a budget, you can buy The Force Awakens core set plus the Heroes of the Resistance expansion pack. This combination would cost around 75 dollars and would allow you to field Poe Dameron in his X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon. A favorite pairing with Poe is the R2-D2 astromech card from the original core set. Should your finances allow picking up both core sets it will be advantages long term to have both sets. However, if you cannot swing two core sets at the moment you may ask to proxy the card or even ask to borrow one from a community member.

What you will need

Play X-Wing The Force Awakens Core Set

Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack

Estimated Cost. $75.00

You may be interested in being able to field both a Rebel list and an Imperial list at home so you, your family and your friends can battle together for space supremacy. In that case, I highly recommend picking up both core sets, the extra dice and movement templates will come in handy. However, many favorite budget lists for Imperials can be put together with  The Force Awakens core set, coupled with the Imperial Veterans and TIE/fo expansion packs.

What you will need

Play X-Wing The Force Awakens Core Set

Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack

TIE/fo Expansion Pack

Estimated cost $85.00

Many game shops host play X-Wing meetups and tournaments, often time the price of admission is your choice of either a nominal buy-in or a purchase of an expansion pack. Many of the expansion packs range between 15 and 30 dollars, so if you are regularly participating in local events your collection will multiply.  Before you know it, you will be traveling to Ikea for curio cabinets to display all of your fun new ships.

How to buy.

You can buy the X-Wing game and its expansions at your local shops, or you can find the game at a particular bookstore (I won’t name names, I don’t need another feud right now) or even online. I see the bookstore prices run about 20 percent higher than the local game stores, but more importantly, the bookstore doesn’t host games or help grow the X-Wing community. If you’re worried about supporting your bookstore, Star Wars books are in a great place right now. If you have not read Chuck Wending’s excellent Aftermath Trilogy, you are missing out on a great read, plus you will find more inspiration to fly Wedge in your X-Wing game. (Wedge Antilles is available in the X-Wing expansion)

Along those same lines, it can be tempting to purchase your items online; prices do tend to be about 10 to 15 percent less than at your local game shops. You may save between 8 and 15 dollars shopping online for on your starter purchase. However, like the bookstores, the online vendors are not providing a place for you and the community to meet up and play. I feel the small price difference is reasonable given what the local shops offer. Is that website, going to provide sanctuary for you for a few hours after your partner finds out how much you spent on Star Wars Legos? Probably not, support your local shops.

If you have any recommendations for budget ships or budget lists, leave them in the comments below.

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