REVIEW: ‘Dead Mount Death Play,’ Episode 6 – “The Firestarter”

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Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 — But Why Tho

With the agreed-upon time for their meet-up come, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 finds Polka and Misako at the mansion of Polka’s family. But while things are cordial and friendly, a fire is spreading that may engulf the whole family.

Given Polka’s history and the violent death that befell him before he became possessed by the Corpse God, what awaited the new Polka’s visit to the family home was shrouded in some fairly ominous shadows. With some hints that the killing had been ordered by someone within the family, it seemed like Polka and Misako were walking into a trap. What awaits proves to be dangerous, though the targets are not who you might think.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 opens the visit home with polite conversation around the dinner table. While this moment is supposed to be a reunion between family members, the scene-stealer here is Misako. Seeing how she wraps herself in the disguise of a respectable member of society is surprising and effective. She smiles, graciously thanks people for their kindness, and thoroughly put on the air of being a completely different person than who we have known. The best part about her performance is when she weaves truth into the lies she tells. How Polka and her met, as well as their adventures since are worked into her fabrications, giving a bit of truth to her words.

While the dinner conversation is cordial and relaxed, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6‘s energy becomes far chillier when Polka is faced with his father. When the pair head off on their own to catch up, Polka is faced with something his magic cannot compensate for, how deeply a parent can know their child. How his father is able to read that something is wrong, despite all the evidence showing that his son sits in front of him is an impactful moment for Polka, as it strikes such a contrast for what his personal experience has been where family is concerned.

All of the family bonding comes to an abrupt halt however when the mansion quickly goes up in a blaze. While the blaze and its perpetrators provide some excitement and drama to the festivities, the biggest element of this sequence is how it raises more questions about the nature of magic in this version of our world. Much like Lemmings recently, this episode’s attacker performs feats no human could ever accomplish. While magic is not claimed to be the source of his abilities, it feels like something must be going on here beyond simple parlor tricks. This unknown serves as a great hook that leaves so many questions lingering in the air as the smoke clears.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 delivers some great character moments as it continues to build out its world and the powers that shape it. With more mysteries teased as the episode closes, the show doesn’t feel like it will lose the compelling energy it has managed to build up anytime soon.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6
  • 9/10
    Rating - 9/10


Dead Mount Death Play Episode 6 delivers some great character moments as it continues to build out its world and the powers that shape it.

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