REVIEW: ‘Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest Of Courage,’ Episode 5

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Ranking of Kings Season 2 Episode 5 — But Why Tho

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Episode 5 is a fantasy adventure anime based on the Japanese manga series, Ranking of Kings, written and illustrated by Sōsuke Tōka. The head director of the series Yosuke Hatta (Boogiepop) at WIT Studio, with series composition by Taku Kishimoto (Fruits Basket), character designs by Atsuko Nozaki, and music by MAYUKO (Cells at Work!). Treasure Chest of Courage is a remarkable collection of short stories set during the first season of Ranking of Kings.

In Ranking of Kings: Season 2 Episode 5, Ouken’s curse fully manifests, and Fren, his trusted friend, seeks a demon to help cure Ouken. However, the Underworld’s law forbids monsters from going to the surface world. Desperate, Fren hatches a plan to defy this rule. Meanwhile, the new captain of the Underworld struggles to train Prince Despa’s stubborn horse. Later, Hokuro, grateful for Bojji’s past kindness, seizes the chance to join him on a quest to repay his debt.

Once again, Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest Of Courage keeps the episode fresh by mixing things up with three different story segments. For the most part, the pacing for each story was done well, but I could have done without the second story focused on the captain and Despa’s horse. That story felt more like a throw-away or gag episode.

Whereas the first and last story segments explored themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the strong bonds between different characters. I would have rather seen those minutes go towards the previous story, centered on Hokuro, to be more flushed out and developed. Instead, it felt like that story was wrapped up prematurely.

Which was a letdown because Hokuro is one of the true unsung heroes in Ranking of Kings. From the beginning, Hokuro has been loyal to Bojji and always believed they supported him in becoming King. Although episode 5 touched on this, there was a missed opportunity to delve further into Hokuro and Bojji’s bond.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Episode 5 excellently builds upon previous storylines and expands the lore from various perspectives. For example, Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 5 picks up where we previously left off in episode 4, following the events of Ouken’s curse of immortality; the story continues from the prospect of his friend Fren’s perspective.

Fren’s perspective offers more profound insights into the Underworld’s lore. Episode 5 touches on a significant law: monsters are forbidden from reaching the surface. This law impacts many citizens, which could set the stage for potential conflicts. I am excited to see if this law and other lore will play a more prominent role in the main storyline of Ranking of Kings.

Lastly, episode 5 delivers exciting action sequences with fluid animation during its fight scenes in the first segment. The action sequences are skillfully choreographed and visually impressive, especially when Fren and his comrades evade capture or fighting. The animation team truly knows how to convey dynamic movements and impactful strikes that add excitement to the episode.

Ranking of Kings: Season 2 Episode 5 presents a mix of story segments with varying levels of success. While the pacing of the first and last segments exploring loyalty and bonds between characters is well done, the second segment feels more like filler. The episode does excel in providing new insights and expanding the lore. The episode is pleasant, with great storylines, action, and animation.

Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage streams weekly on Crunchyroll.

Ranking of Kings: Season 2 Episode 5
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    Rating - 7/10


Ranking of Kings: Season 2 Episode 5 presents a mix of story segments with varying levels of success.

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