REVIEW: ‘Justice Society Of America,’ Issue #4

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Justice Society Of America #4 — But Why Tho

Justice Society America #4 from DC reaches us after a delay to give us more JSA and blow open the wiles of Degaton. Geoff Johns keeps scripting the series, with Mikel Janin plus Jerry Ordway on art, Jordie Bellaire and John Kalisz on colors, and Rob Leigh on letters. The Huntress has entered the present, and with the help of Detective Chimp, the modern Doctor Fate, and Deadman, she has found the current JSA, recently regrouped after the global Lazarus Rain. Unfortunately for her, Degaton, the time-travel Nazi who has been killing off the JSA across time, arrives over all their heads, and he’s not here for tea time.

Johns offers a recap about the Huntress first. She was inspired by her daddy (Batman) who looked past her mommy’s (Catwoman) lawlessness to form a JSA out of reformed villains. Decades in the future, Degaton wipes them out. No one is sure just why he’s doing it, and they don’t get the time to look into it because he’s there. The JSA line up to take him on. Janin’s artwork here is simply amazing, with some cool Bruce Lee vibrating hand motions, Bellaire and Kalisz stun with their strong forward colors yet subtle background saturations. Leigh doesn’t get too big with FX unless absolutely necessary. Everything flows nicely. Degaton has the upper hand, more so than usual, and we get some appreciation for this new Doctor Fate. I waited a long, long time to get a new JSA series, and by gosh, this series, this issue, is a V for Victory.

Johns is skilled at assembling a host of side characters to assist, but he knows who the book belongs to, and lets them lead. The JSA is dazzling here, one member at a time, and, as the issue rolls on, Johns begins to dole out some details about each, including those characters we haven’t seen in comics in decades. It was a smart move to have the Lazarus Rain change things in the team’s lives because it gives them a fresh take without drastically altering the overall lineup. The greatest superhero team is back in the game, fresh, and clean for the 21st century.

Do not underestimate Janin’s capability with lines. This is the one book I read digitally and buy in print to have every issue twice over. the artwork, coloration, and lettering here are vivid. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, we are blessed with some pages of fine art and ink from the legendary Jerry Ordway. Ordway’s work is better than in the old days, but seeing it takes me back to his hard-earned work on expanding the Golden and Silver Ages. There’s zero disappointment here, folks. For those in love with retro concepts, from flip phones to radio programs, the Justice Society Of America is right up your alley. For those who love superheroes, this one book is your gateway drug to a chunk of the originals.

Justice Society Of America #4 is a feat of love and respect, but also a fantastic adventure that dips its toes into character insights for heroes and villains. And, they found a clever way to diversify the cast without having to force a new character in. Surprise. DC already had them, they just needed someone to put them back into service. This is a hot book, y’all. Treat them like war bonds and buy them up.

Justice Society Of America #4 is available wherever comic books are sold.

Justice Society Of America #4


Justice Society Of America #4 is a feat of love and respect, but also a fantastic adventure that dips its toes into character insights for heroes and villains

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