Frontier Releases Update 15 in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

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Elite Dangerous Update 15

Frontier Developments released Update 15 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, marking the next stage of the Thargoids’ war against humanity. Commanders will uncover the mystery of what’s inside each of the eight Maelstroms, as they enter the giant caustic gas clouds that arrived with Update 14 and face an unprecedented level of Thargoid aggression. Update 15 also brings significant new features to the game, including a brand-new class of Thargoid ship and additional on-foot mission elements. While playing Elite Dangerous: Odyssey requires that players own a copy of the Elite Dangerous base game, the amount of support the game continues to receive makes it well worth the purchase.

By equipping their ship with the new Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser module, Commanders will be able to prevent the Maelstrom’s shutdown pulse from affecting their ship, allowing them to journey deeper into the cloud. Waiting for them within is an extraordinary spectacle along with new discoveries to be made – not to mention scores of Thargoid ships.

Among their number is the Glaive, the first Hunter-class Thargoid vessel added to Elite Dangerous, and a formidable presence. This aggressive and nimble vessel behaves differently to other Thargoid combatants, deploying measures that prevent human ships from making a quick getaway. This addition to their fleet means Commanders will need to rethink their strategic approach to numerous encounters in the game.

In addition, update 15 brings a new on-foot mission type to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Commanders will find these in starports affected by the Thargoid War, with the objective taking players to an abandoned settlement where they’re tasked with restoring the power to help in the ongoing conflict. Once they arrive, they’ll contend with a mysterious new variant of Thargoid Scavenger called the Revenant, a powerful enemy sentry that requires more than just a straightforward run-and-gun approach in combat.

As Commanders will soon discover when they venture into the Maelstrom for themselves, the Thargoid War is only just getting started.

All players who own a copy of Elite Dangerous on PC and are playing in Live Mode will have access to the wider narrative experience in Update 15, regardless of whether they own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. All on-foot content requires players to own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available to purchase now on Steam, via the Epic Games Store, or via the Frontier Store. Elite Dangerous is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games and the Frontier Store.

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