Fight for Glory in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.0

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Glory in Navori

Legends of Runeterra today revealed more information on their latest Patch 4.3.0, which introduces the first expansion of the year: Glory in Navori. Launching tomorrow, March 29, Glory in Navori brings players three new champions: Sett, Samira, and Jack. Additional new features include the Monthly Challenge for The Path of Champions, Rotation, and an all-new Dragonmancer event.

On March 31, Legends of Runeterra will be hosting the Glory in Navori Brawl live on Twitch beginning at 8 AM PT, where players can watch their favorite LoR streamers face off for glory in the arena.

The first official competitive season of 2023 will also kick off soon, featuring more competitive opportunities, formats, and rewards. Legends of Runterra’s latest competitive update can be found here.

Three New Champions:

Sett brings the combo-lover’s fantasy to life, incorporating the new Coin mechanic in order to unleash high-cost flurries of powerful effects all in one turn.

Samira offers a new refresher for the Plunder archetype… with style. Exclusive to Noxus is the ability to reactivate Plunders that are already in play!

Jack can’t be bothered by weaklings and smallfry. Like Sett, he’s also big on Coins but can also be built around Prize Fights or the brand-new Keyword introduced in this expansion: Brash.

New Mechanics:

Coin – Coins can stack. Playing the Coin card will refill your mana, depending on how many times it has stacked.

Brash – Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more health.

New Mode:

Patch 4.3.0 introduces Monthly Challenges for The Patch of Champions. The Monthly Challenge contains 70 micro-adventures. Each micro-adventure consists of one or two battles before arriving at the big boss of the adventure. However, there is a twist! Each champion can only be used 3 times, win or lose.


Rotation is introduced in this expansion. With Rotation, we are introducing Standard – a format carefully curated with a select group of cards. With a smaller card pool, the competition in Standard is as fierce as it gets. The Eternal format will be the typical LoR format, with all cards legal, and the team will spotlight the Eternal mode for competitive play in the last month of each expansion.

Dragonmancer Event:

Players will get to participate in an all-new Dragonmancer event to earn new icons, cards, emotes, and champion skins. The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks Tranquility Dragon Karma.


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