Dead by Daylight #1 Trailer

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Dead By Daylight

Titan Comics is excited to reveal the official teaser trailer for Dead By Daylight #1 – the hotly-anticipated prequel comic book based on the best-selling horror survival video game Dead By Daylight! Issue #1 hits comic shops on May 24, 2023.

Titan Comics, a Titan Publishing Group company (which includes Titan Books, Titan Magazines, and Titan Merchandise), is the comic book arm of the Titan Entertainment Group, and its sister company is the pop culture retail chain Forbidden Planet. Titan Comics offers astounding comics and graphic novels from the world’s greatest licensed properties, alongside creator-owned comic books from new and world-renowned talent and classic graphic novels re-mastered for brand-new audiences.

Written by Harvey Award Winner Nadia Shammas (Ms. Marvel) and illustrated by Dillon Snook (The Bluefall), with Emilio Lecce (Drive) on colors, issue #1 features stunning covers by Jae Lee, Ivan Tao, and many more.

Every issue of the comic book series comes with an exclusive unique game code inside! The code will unlock an exclusive in-game charm featuring the main cover A of the corresponding issue to show off in The Fog!

When the rebellious Frank crashes into the lives of Julie, Joey, and Susie, together they’ll unleash bloody chaos onto the sleepy, dead-end town of Ormond. Witness the terrifying origins of THE LEGION.

Dead By Daylight #1 will be on sale on May 24, 2023.

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