3 Reasons to Watch Succession

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Watch Succession — But Why Tho (3)

Succession is an Emmy-winning HBO comedy-drama following the wealthy and powerful Roy family as they deal with the ins and outs of owning one of the largest news and entertainment companies. Starring Jeremy Strong, Brian Cox, Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook, and many more talented actors, Succession dips its toes into topics such as power, the impact of media conglomerates, addiction, the current sociopolitical landscape, and familial drama. With so many intricate pieces in place, Succession stands on its own as both a gripping satire of America’s most dysfunctional news family as well as a moving drama centering on how one son attempts to rid the world of his evil dad. So why should you watch Succession? Well, we have a list for why you should watch Succession before the series’ final season begins.

Two Words: Kendall Roy

Watch Succession — But Why Tho (3)

The first reason to Watch Succession is easy. If you’ve ever browsed through any of my social media accounts, you may notice the common thread of Kendall Roy. The central character of Succession, Kendall Roy has infiltrated every aspect of my media life. Portrayed by Jeremy Strong, Kendall is the epitome of a tragic TV sad man similar to both BoJack Horseman and Don Draper (Mad Men). He struggles to rise above the awful corporate culture that his father, Logan Roy, has cultivated at Waystar Royco. He strives to be a good person in an environment that continuously wants to see him fall. One of the best aspects of Succession is seeing Strong’s portrayal of this multi-faceted man. The care, nuance, and pain that is translated to the screen not only captivates but elevates Succession from a standard drama to an absolute must-watch for character study.

Watch Succession because it’s Shakespearean

There is no surprise that if you watch even just the pilot episode of Succession, you can catch a whiff of the multiple layers at work within the series. While Succession is a comedy, the drama, and irony that occurs within the show brings viewers in on how tragic this show is at its core. Like Shakespeare, Succession has many characters consistently scheming, backstabbing, one-upping, and tricking one another. Sure, lots of TV dramas feature those aspects of storytelling, however, the carefully crafted character motivations and performances elevate Succession into a show that feels both balanced and extravagant. Period actors like Brian Cox who plays Logan Roy and Matthew Macfadyen who portrays Tom Wambsgans bring an air of bravado that glues me to the screen. There are distinct moments in season 3 that reframe events and character motivations from the first couple of episodes that are mindblowing to follow. Tragic, funny, and jaw-dropping, Succession has created a show that indulges in character archetypes that viewers are familiar with and pushes them towards an edge that still feels exciting and new.

Watch Succession for its Memberable Quotes

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that makes me think about what I just watched as much as Succession does. This show has a slew of very distinct characters from the no-one-knows-what’s-wrong-with-him Roman Roy to the unhinged, enraged Tom Wambsgans. Each character has some dialogue that stops me in my tracks. Here are some of my favorites.

Kendall: “My thing is all bangers all the time”

Greg: “If it is to be said, so it be, so it is.”

Logan: “Roman when you laugh, please do it at the same volume as everyone else. We didn’t get you from a hyena farm.”

Tom: ‘You can’t make a Tomlette without breaking a few Gregs.”

Whether you are looking for a show to sink your teeth into for some good laughs or you’re looking for a show that is a stark meditation on wealth and how it erodes everything you touch, Succession has it all. With a stellar cast and only three seasons, there’s so much the show has to offer. Up there with the likes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and BoJack Horseman for my favorite TV shows in general, I hope you come to love Succession as much as I do.

Season 4 premieres on HBO on Sunday, March 26th at 9 pm EST.

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