REVIEW: ‘Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton,’ Issue #1

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Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1

Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 from DC Comics describes how the new Lazarus Resin’s magical rain afflicts Kryptonian characters. This issue tackles four stories centered around characters related to or antagonistic to Superman and the House of El.

If you ate up Lazarus Planet Alpha last week, then you know that Earth in the DCU is experiencing magical green rain due to a volcanic explosion. That explosive force is a unique elixir of Lazarus goo that once resurrected Ra’s al Ghul and the helmet of Doctor Fate. Chaos and Order in one zippy chaotic concoction. As heroes race around the globe, stopping catastrophes caused by the rain, its magical qualities are wreaking havoc on the Kryptonian characters (who have a weakness to it) and creating powers in those who never had them.

Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 begins with a neat introduction to fill in those who haven’t caught up to speed, but even better, it compares the current strife to a disaster that happened in Krypton’s past. Not sure how much this comparison will play into future stories, but it made for a nice opening. The first story, ‘ Gone Dark,’ showcases Dreamer, made famous in the Supergirl TV series. I stopped watching the show in season 2 and missed the live-action version. Nia Nal is part alien, and that part of her DNA can enter the Dreamworld. She gets pumped through a wounded Batman’s fever dreams and tries to find Fate’s helmet. Without that, the heroes have no chance of stopping what’s going on outside. I instantly loved this character, Nicole Maines’ writing style, Skylar Patridge’s art, and Morgan Martinez’s letters. I think Nick Filardi was the only name I was familiar with, and his colors are inspiring. I’m a newb to everyone else, but now I’ll need to check out their other works. The Dreamer adventure moved fast. Her interactions with other heroes were great, and I’m glad this story is just the beginning of her adventures.

‘Electric’ points out how the green rain gives random powers to citizens. This one is Ash, a thief caught by Superman (Jon Kent). To keep an eye on this kid, Jon lets him tag along, hoping his good deeds will wake up Ash’s morality. The story is simplistic, and I like how it ended. I know very little of Jon as Superman except for his crossover in Nightwing, but I love how C.S. Pacat handled him. Moreso, I liked Ash because DC rarely does morally gray characters. Scott Godlewski has a sleek pen that Alex Guimaraes and Andworld Design fine-tuned with fab colors and sensible lettering.

‘Breakthrough,’ written by Frank Barbiere, represented the biggest shock in the issue, as it stars not a hero but a villain. Mercy, Lex Luthor’s chauffeur/bodyguard, tries to keep Lexcorp safe during the green rain, only to get hit by it anyway…and gain powers. Sami Basri drew some wonderful action scenes here that HI-FI made pop with color. Basri and Vicente Cifuentes inked half the story dark and horrific while Dave Sharpe laid down focused lettering and thought boxes. I think this story was typical of superpowers but surprising in what this might mean. Maybe Mercy will become more prominent in Superman stories.

Lastly, ‘Deus Ex Magicka’ shows us what happened to Power Girl after she got blasted away in Alpha. Apparently, she was knocked into another plane of reality, but fear not. The fall is expertly written by Leah Williams with wondrous illustrations and deft colors by Marguerite Sauvage. It looks like Power Girl becomes the victim of the green rain, plus a recipient of new powers. This is great, and I hope this leads to more stories for her, besides a continuation in Action Comics and Lazarus Planet Omega.

Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 is a promising follow-up to the Alpha book, and hopefully, these changes within will last for the year at least. Either way, it’s introduced me to new artists and what looks to be some thrilling changes to the status quo. Check it out.

Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1


Lazarus Planet Assault On Krypton #1 is a promising follow-up to the Alpha book, and hopefully, these changes within will last for the year at least.

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