REVIEW: ‘Spy x Family,’ Episode 17 – “Carry Out The Griffin Plan/Fullmetal Lady/Omelet Rice”

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Spy x Family Episode 17 - But Why Tho

Spy x Family is an action/comedy shonen anime produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks. With Yor’s pursuit of becoming a better wife and mother bearing fruit, Spy x Family Episode 17 shifts its focus back to the youngest Forger as she continues to pursue Damian’s attention in her bid to help preserve world peace.

With the series checking in on Anya’s school life for the first since returning, this episode opens with a hysterical “previously on” introduction provided by Anya herself. The show does a great job of both refreshing the viewer about Anya’s current situation and goals at school, as well as providing some light laughs as we get the situation colored with Anya’s unique take on her world.

The bulk of Spy x Family Episode 17 sees Anya’s various struggles at school. Her attempts to gain some attention from her target through her recent acquisition of a dog do not yield the results she was hoping for. Though Becky does end up smitten with a member of Anya’s family.

Anya’s attempts to gain Damian’s attention reflect the character’s personality so brilliantly. As a child playing at being a suave spy, Anya’s plans make a certain sense at their core, but the details and execution always fall far short of the mark. But, if there is one thing Anya has, it is persistence. And when she and Damian get assigned to an arts and crafts project together, she may just get another shot at her goal.

The back half of Spy x Family Episode 17 lets the viewer get some background information about the other two ladies in the series, The Handler and Yor. In the first story, we get a glimpse into The Handler’s life and just how capable she is at her work. While Loid is often referred to as the best spy in the business, it’s clear that his boss is no slouch either.

For Yor’s part, we get a brief, post-credits look at her younger years with Yuri and how the boy came to have the intestinal fortitude he displayed in the last episode. While this brief sequence is a cheap, repeated laugh, it does a good job of ending the episode with a chuckle.

Another element I have been remiss in mentioning is how much I love the new ending credits sequence in this season. The look it takes at the daily life of the Forgers and how they function as a family helps to fill in some of the gaps the story fails to portray as it focuses on the larger arcs of the narrative. By repeatedly highlighting these moments, it gives the family a feeling of daily routine and existence, even when the series doesn’t have time to show it in the story.

Spy x Family Episode 17 gives the audience some fun, lighthearted laughs as it follows the ladies of its world and explores a bit of who they are.

Spy x Family Episode 17 is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family Episode 17
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    Rating - 9/10


Spy x Family Episode 17 gives the audience some fun, lighthearted laughs as it follows the ladies of its world and explores a bit of who they are.

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