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The All-Nighter #1 - But Why Tho

The All-Nighter is a ComiXology Original written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Jason Loo, colored by Paris Alleyne, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar. In a world not so different from ours, there’s a diner that only ever opens at nighttime. In this diner work four folks, Alex, Joy, Cynthia, and Ian. They may seem just like you or me, but don’t let their looks deceive you. These fine folks are a crew of vampires hiding from some type of authority who would prefer they not be intermingling with humans. But in The All-Nighter #1,  Alex is sick of being stuck inside all the time, bored, and unable to put his enhanced strength to any practice.

I’m sure the question “what if a vampire was a superhero” has been asked in comic books before. But whether it has or not, The All-Nighter #1 feels like a totally fresh take on a tried and true genre. Alex loves superheroes, and one night after sulking about being stuck inside all night every night, hiding from humanity, he runs into a chance to become one himself. And boy does he leap into that opportunity. Within two weeks, he’s got himself a rad costume and a whole mill of rumors about his vigilantism. But it’s not just a story about a vampire who wishes they could use their powers for good. It’s also a story with a mysterious underbelly. Why do these vampires have to hide? What happened to their brethren, and what would happen to them if they were found out?

It’s a great premise on both the action and mystery fronts. And I’m more than looking forward to what’s to come for the plot and characters, especially because Alex isn’t alone in his superheroic antics. There’s a difficult line being drawn between a dismal but safe life in hiding and the need of all creatures to find joy in life, and I’m looking forward to the emotional beats tearing the characters in either direction.

The costume that Alex dawns is kind of out there, a mismatch for the otherwise realistic setting of the rest of the comic. But I think this is an intentional choice by both the artist and Alex himself. He’s had to hide his whole life, and having a fabulous costume with wings and stark color and just generally being hard to miss or forget makes him stand out for once. His identity is concealed, or so he thinks, so why not flaunt a little for once? I appreciate the willingness to go bold with the costume design rather than safely stick within the confines of a modern-looking and more subtle costume.

The hues used to color the night are consistently mesmerizing, and I enjoy the choice to use bold, single-color backgrounds during fight sequences to draw more attention to the action and set the moments apart. The lettering adds a slightly more jagged font when vampiric characters are getting angry, as their teeth snarl harder and their eyes redden brighter. It’s a nice touch that reminds you these are dangerous beings and not just friendly diner owners.

The All-Nighter #1 is a captivating start to a new and unique series. I cannot wait to explore the lore and emotion within.

The All-Nighter #1 is available now on ComiXology and Kindle.

The All-Nighter #1


The All-Nighter #1 is a captivating start to a new and unique series. I cannot wait to explore the lore and emotion within.

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