REVIEW: ‘Platinum End,’ Episode 4 – “Time to Assemble”

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Content Warning: Platinum End Episode 4 deals with themes of suicide.

Platinum End is a dark fantasy shonen anime produced by Singal.MD. With a huge crowd gathered to learn more about the mysterious Metropoliman, Mirai and Saki attempt to observe the event while not revealing they are god candidates. Things become tense however when two more candidates bearing wings and red arrows appear over the stadium. How will their confrontation turn out in Platinum End Episode 4?

From the moment Platinum End opened its series with its main protagonist attempting suicide, Signal.MD made it clear that this series was not going to be light viewing. With the further revelation that all the god candidates were saved from similar moments, how each will embrace their newfound powers and the potential opportunity to become the next god, will be approached from wildly different frames of mind. From Mirai’s desire to simply see himself and Saki happy, to Metropoliman’s murderous intent to be the only god candidate left to claim the mantle of God, vastly different responses from these recently traumatized individuals makes a lot of sense. And while the series has already had had some dark moments in its three previous episodes, Platinum End Episode 4 looks to ratchet things up to a whole new level.

While the first couple of episodes of this series were focused on familiarizing viewers with the series’ main protagonist and the rules of Platinum End‘s world, this episode belongs wholly to Metropoliman. While his willingness to utilize both his mind-controlling red arrows, as well as his instant kill white arrows had already established his ruthless nature, Platinum End Episode 4 showcases the character for what he truly is: a full-blown psychopath. Not only do his methods elicit terror, but the outward glee he projects at seeing his victims beg and plead for mercy makes the concept of his ascension to godhood a nightmare to even contemplate. And while he surely wouldn’t win the recommendation for the post at the end of the 999 days that the angels are assigned to judge the candidates, if he is the last one standing, there will be no other option.

While Platinum End Episode 4 brings lots of hard-to-watch emotional tension to its story, it also does a great job of fleshing out some of the nuances concerning how the arrows and wings of the candidates work in a way that blends in seamlessly with the tension on screen. This clever implementation allows the story to further elaborate on the rules governing the candidates without slowing down the story.

The animation in this episode does a great job of delivering the tension as the candidates confront each other. The choice of perspective is really strong and the episode’s cliffhanger ending pulls the viewer in largely due to the visual’s presentation of the terrifying moment.

So, Platinum End Episode 4 delivers another emotionally hard-hitting entry into this series. With the deep dive into just who Metropoliman is, the stakes feel even higher for Mirai and Saki as the thought of this character becoming a god is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Platinum End Episode 4 is streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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