REVIEW: ‘Strange Academy,’ Issue #12

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Strange Academy #12 

Strange Academy #12 is published by Marvel Comics and written by Skottie Young, with art by Humberto Ramos, colors by Edgar Delgado, and letters by Clayton Cowles. With Toth’s attacker seeming to be Calvin’s jacket, the faculty and students of Strange Academy have a bizarre opponent to face. But if they are to save Toth and Calvin, they will have to figure out a way to overcome this strange opponent.

You love to see a cast come together. Since the series’ beginnings, one of Young’s greatest achievements has been fleshing out and utilizing the entire cast of this character-driven book. Just when I think I know the kids that make up the book’s core roster, Young brings another to the forefront with a revelation that makes me love and care about this group of mages in training all the more. The only other story I know that delivers as thoroughly an explored ensemble cast is My Hero Academia.

Strange Academy #12 spends the bulk of its time confronting the dark entity that attacked Toth. However, due to its unique nature and the element that fuels it, the battle isn’t nearly as one-sided as the reader may expect it to be. Highlighted by a classic supervillain monologue, Young does an excellent job delivering the villain’s full measure of hostility.

Balancing out the villain’s wrath throughout Strange Academy #12 is the unity and mutual support that the faculty and students show for each other. Embueing our heroes with a pure, “all for one and one for all” energy, Young makes the book’s signature confrontation as much a clash of personal belief and outlook as magical might.

The ultimate resolution to the situation culminates in a surprising look at another of the students. Seeing this glimpse behind the curtain for this particular character made me appreciate everything the character has brought to their classmates in previous entries in the series, now that I know a bit more about what bubbles just beneath their surface. The hidden side of this character serves as a frank reminder that we are all fighting battles no one else knows about.

The art in Strange Academy #12 brings the hectic nature of the battle through the halls of Strange Academy to life fantastically. There is a claustrophobic feeling to many of the book’s moments as the battle strains against the tight confines of its physical space.

Along with the excellent job capturing the battle itself, artist Ramos captures all the wrath, fear, compassion, and concern that manifests throughout the book’s panels brilliantly.

Without Delgado’s continued gorgeous work on colors, all of the magic slinging and emotion wouldn’t hit nearly as well. Thanks to the vibrant application of color to the book, every magical effect and character pop off the page.

Wrapping up this book’s presentation is Cowles lettering. Cowles continues to run wild with the fonts and letter designs, completely leaning into the over-the-top nature of the book’s tale.

When all is said and done, Strange Academy #12 delivers yet another fabulous tale of young heroes saving the day and each other.

Strange Academy #12 is available now wherever comics are sold.

Strange Academy #12


Strange Academy #12 delivers yet another fabulous tale of young heroes saving the day and each other.

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