Dim Mak x Inuyasha Collaboration Pays Homage to the Artistry of Rumiko Takahashi

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Dim Mak x Inuyasha

Steve Aoki’s fashion brand, Dim Mak Collection, has joined forces with VIZ Media to release the officially licensed, “Dim Mak x Inuyasha” collaboration – a collection of anime-inspired apparel celebrating the artistry and epic storytelling of one of Japan’s best-known and award-winning manga artists, Rumiko Takahashi.

Takahashi’s tale of love and war, divergent from her more lighthearted comedic manga, brings us to the darker days of the warring Sengoku Period in ancient Japan, where the story of Inuyasha takes place. The protagonist, Inuyasha is a half-human, half-dog yōkai (demon) initially seeking the powerful Shikon Jewel to transform himself into a full-fledged yōkai by any nefarious means necessary. As his quest progresses, Inuyasha realizes that the bonds of friendship and companionship far outweigh his lonely pursuit for power. Throughout the journey, Inuyasha and his foes make amends when learning that much of their discord resulted from previous misunderstandings. These foes include the likes of Priestess Kikyo, Monk Miroku, Demon Slayer Sango, and his full-yōkai brother Sesshomaru – all of whom ultimately join Inuyasha and Kagome’s quest – and appear in the collection – proving again and again that when people come together, they are insurmountable.

“I love the story of togetherness in Inuyasha. I am all about collaboration whether it’s in my music, fashion, or every day. I have always been inspired by the magic of when people from differing perspectives align to create something new,” Steve Aoki said.

Paying homage to Rumiko Takahashi’s epic narrative, Aoki blended his Dim Mak aesthetic with the elegance of Takahashi’s artwork across twelve apparel styles including an array of graphic t-shirts and hoodies ranging from $38 to $85. The graphics depict fan-favorite characters in the anime series including Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Kanna, and Sango in bright heliconia pinks and kaleidoscopic tie-dyes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Aoki’s brand, DIM MAK was founded in 1996 and developed it into an influential independent record label, music, and fashion lifestyle brand. Responsible for launching the careers of seminal acts. The independently owned DIM MAK has consistently pushed new musical movements via its staunch DIY ethos. As a fashion leader, Dim Mak cultivates community by bringing together collaborators from all walks of life including the likes of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Sanrio, and Playboy, to name a few.

With nostalgic references toward his youth, Aoki often includes manga, music, and games into the Dim Mak aesthetics. Aoki named his record label and subsequent fashion brand “Dim Mak” as a nod to Bruce Lee’s signature fight move: the touch of death. With a back catalog, hundreds of records deep, a history of legendary live events, and a fully formed clothing line, Dim Mak continues its global mission of promoting boundary-pushing music and culture ‘by any means necessary.’

The Dim Mak x Inuyasha collaboration will be available on Friday, May 28th, 2021 at midnight PST exclusively at dimmakcollection.com and on the NTWRK platform.


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