ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘The Orville: Digressions,’ Issue #2

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The Orville #2 Digressions

The Orville: Digressions #2 is published by Dark Horse Comics, written by David A. Goodman, with art by David Cabeza, colors by Michael Atiyeh, and letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt. With The Orville heading headlong into a Kaylon trap, Commander Grayson is running out of time to warn the Union of the danger. But can she convince anyone that her insane-sounding story is true?

There are many aspects to time travel stories that have been analyzed a lot over the years. One that I don’t think gets enough attention is when the traveler knows something terrible will happen, but no one will listen to them. The frustration that would be endured by the one who knows they are right, even though everyone around them is convinced they are crazy would be mind-breaking. There are so many moments in history that if you were to tell someone they are going to happen they would never believe it. Fact, after all, is often stranger than fiction.

With all of the last issue’s set up behind us, this month’s story hits the ground running. From page one, Goodman’s writing focuses on Grayson’s desperation to get those around her to understand the imminent peril they are in. And while her frustration is understandable, I appreciate Goodman’s decision to keep Grayson understanding of just how crazy her story sounds. Often individuals in science fiction will start ranting about how no one will listen to them. Happily, Goodman doesn’t lose sight of Grayson’s intelligence to favor cheap theatrics.

The deft handling of character in The Orville: Digressions #2 doesn’t stop at Grayson though. All those she confides her story to display an admirable amount of depth. They are each torn between the kneejerk reaction of “this is crazy” with the weighty concern of the consequences of “what if.”

Cabeza’s art captures the building stress of the looming situation skillfully. The art reinforces the many complicated emotions and doubts that besiege the cast throughout this book. Even once the book reaches its fever pitch, the art never loses its focus on the human elements of the story. While this focus on the human may limit some of the scales of the story, it greatly increases the gravitas of the moments. Making the reader feel the weight of the action, instead of becoming lost in the spectacle of it.

The colorwork in The Orville: Digressions #2 further helps the art bring the story’s moments to life. A strong sense of lighting is utilized by Atiyeh to help emphasize the emotion in the panels. This is especially true for character faces. The amount of attention that Atiyeh gives to the lighting on faces helps push the expressed emotions on them a lot.

Wrapping up the presentation on this book is the lettering. The dialogue is placed excellently throughout this story. This allows it to guide the reader through the story while not detracting from the art.

When all is said and done, The Orville: Digressions #2 delivers a tense, emotionally charged story.

The Orville: Digressions #2 is available June 2nd wherever comics are sold.

The Orville: Digressions #2


When all is said and done, The Orville: Digressions #2 delivers a tense, emotionally charged story.

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