Ubisoft Reveals Total Funds Raised for The AbleGamers Charity via ‘Sixth Guardian Program’

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Sixth Guardian Program

Today, AbleGamer’s Charity and Ubisoft gave an update on the money raised through the Sixth Guardian Program. Ubisoft raised a final total of $171,183 for the AbleGamers Charity!

In November 2020, Ubisoft launched the Sixth Guardian Program, a new series of charity bundles in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege Six. AbleGamers had been selected as the first charity to be included in the program’s kick-off. Ubisoft’s Sixth Guardian Program offered player’s a chance to purchase charity bundles that would support AbleGamer’s through Season 4 of Rainbow Siege Six.

Quotes from Ubisoft and AbleGamers below:

“We’re delighted with the success of the Sixth Guardian Program’s debut bundle! It’s so exciting to see the Rainbow Six Siege community come together to give so generously to The AbleGamers Charity, and we can’t wait to keep the momentum going with more opportunities for them to contribute to good causes in the future,” said Eric Pope, Senior Community Developer for Rainbow Six Siege.

“We love working with Ubisoft Montreal and the greater Ubisoft team to change the world. The community of Rainbow Six Siege supported gamers with disabilities in such a huge way,” said Steve Spohn, Chief Operations Officer & Director of Peer Counseling for The AbleGamers Charity. “We’re grateful to both the players and developers for enabling us to further our mission of making it #SoEveryoneCanGame and be a part of awesome communities like Rainbow Six. We’re excited and hopeful that industry leaders like Ubisoft will continue to support gamers with disabilities both in their games and beyond.”

The AbleGamers Charity is an organization dedicated to bringing inclusion and improved quality of life to people with disabilities through the power of video games. The charity uses a combination of assistive technologies such as mouth controllers, eye gaze, and specially customized controllers like the Xbox Adaptive Controller to find a way for anyone to play video games, no matter their disability. AbleGamers believes there is no “cookie-cutter” way to help get people back in the game — engineers take time with each individual to identify their specific needs and wants, along with their unique abilities and challenges, to determine the exact equipment required.



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