Ranking Agent 47’s 10 Hottest Hitman 3 Suits

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Hitman 3 Outfits

This article covers Hitman 3’s suit selection and has lite spoilers for locations. 

I love the Hitman franchise…well, Agent 47 specifically. His style is impeccable. From suits to overcoats, it’s hard to find someone better dressed in a contemporary fashion setting. So, when I picked up Hitman 3 for review, I was focused on creative assassinations but I was also very preoccupied admiring my suits in the mirrors as I walked past them and using the camera feature quite a bit too. Agent 47 takes mirror selfies and that makes everything right in the world. For this list of 47’s Hitman 3 suits, I included every starting suit available for your first playthrough of the campaign, two favorite disguises, and then a couple of suits not tied directly to any Location.

All jokes aside, one of the strongest elements of Hitman 3 is the way the designers focused on bringing to life the fabric of the clothes that 47 wears and ultimately matching it to the setting and context of the mission. While you aren’t in his starting suits or even his disguises for a long time, the level of detail put into 47’s Hitman 3 suits stands out, even against the gorgeous level design. While it may be easy to dismiss praise for all of 47’s looks as simple thirst, thirsting for a character is in fact an indicator of well thought out character design on the part of the developers. Clothing style, fit, and context is needed to understand how to make a character that perpetually switches between disguises look like himself, and maintain the characteristics that define him.

Yes, as a hitman, 47 is supposed to blend in and become the disguises he’s taking, but there is no hiding his baldness, so, why not embrace it? While there are plenty of unflattering Hitman 3 suits to play around with and choose from—like a cowboy or a clown—the detail given to the options in the main campaign is commendable. From replicating leather pants to rain falling on a suit, the folks at IO Interactive paid attention to painstaking detail.

So, without further ado, here are Agent 47’s Hitman 3 suits, ranked by attractiveness, hotness, and all the – nesses that make you thirsty:

10. 0047

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: Mendoza
Suit: Black & White Tuxedo 

A dapper 47 in a white tux is a great sight, but because of how quickly I ditched this suit for the number three pick on this list, this landed at the end of the list. Attractive yes, but a white suit just doesn’t have the brooding magic of some of 47’s darker Hitman 3 suits or the allure of suspenders. As a starting suit, it’s made to be ditched, but we can all fall in love with this screenshot.

9. Coat 47

Location: Dartmoor
Suit: Classic Cut Long Coat Suit 

Nothing fits the rich family aesthetic in the secluded Dartmoor estate better than 47’s regal and cold look. His second-best coat, the turtleneck combo fits the gloomy countryside and the mystery awaiting you inside the house—even if you choose to dump this disguise immediately to sneak in.

8. Simple and Clean

Location: Dubai
Suit: Ashen Suit

A simple suit can go the long way. As the first Hitman 3 suit you wear in the game, this simple look feels lighter than 47’s iconic black suit with a red tie. It’s subtle and helps 47 blend in with the crowd. While it’s not my favorite, the cut of the suit, attention to detail on all the right spots, and the first moment of seeing yourself wearing it in the mirror gives it a special place in the game and in my heart.

7. Benoit Blanc 47

Hitman 3

Location: Dartmoor
Suit: Private Detective Disguise

Now, when it comes to disguises, this one is in fact the one I spent the most time in. In order to sneak into Dartmoor, the easiest way is to ditch the Classic Cut Long Coat suit for the private detective’s disguise. Hired to solve a murder mystery in the mansion, this disguise is what you can use for the bulk of the story to eliminate your target. So slip into Benoit Blanc and have some fun.

6. Weapon 47

Location: Carpathian Mountains
Suit: Subject 47

I hope you’re not getting bored with my witty names, but in case you were, a shirtless 47 is sure to cure it. This one is kind of self-explanatory, but as the last starting “suit” of the game, 47’s vulnerability sets up the impact of the game’s finale.

5. Black on Black on Black

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: ANY
Suit: Midnight Black Suit

Black tie, black suit, black shirt, it all just works and is pretty much my favorite look in real life. While this suit looks good in virtually every environment, picking it for Chongqing works perfectly against the neon lights. As a suit you can choose for any of the starting locations (so long as they aren’t locked to a particular suit) this was one of my go-tos.

4. Tactical but Fashion

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: ANY
Suit: Raven Suit

When you go into the planning tab of the mission you can change the suit that 47 wears, so long as it isn’t tied to a specific starting point. In the suit selection of the planning menu, you’ll find different categories and in the tactical one, you find the Raven  Suit. While I’m not particularly sure what tactical advantage this suit has—outside stealing your girl—the black gloves, the fitted coat, and black turtleneck make 47 equally fashionable and intimidating.

3. Agent 47, esq.

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: Mendoza
Suit: Lawyer Disguise

It’s all about the suspenders. While there isn’t much story or plot pushed by this costume you can use it to better infiltrate an area and eliminate a target and do so looking attractive —which the inclusion of both views of 47 esq. can attest.

2. Solo 47

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: Berlin
Suit: Number Six Disguise 

Berlin is one of my favorite locations in Hitman 3. While the other inclusions on this list of Hitman 3 suits may technically be a bit more attractive, 47’s moody and thrown together look sans-belt fits the tone of the story. In Berlin, 47 is truly alone for one of the first times. Dropped into the location with little information, other than to speak with Olivia, your alone in front of a gas station. It’s a bleak outlook before you head to the rave hidden in the forest and it’s matched his suit. There’s nothing flashy or eyecatching, no pop of red from a tie, just a black and grey outfit while you try to figure things out on your own with no help from Diana.

1. Neo-Noir 47

Hitman 3 Outfits

Location: Chongqing
Suit: Neon City Suit

So, I may have a thing for detectives. 47’s Chongqing starting suit hits a neo-noir style that is matched with a neon-filled city. As the rain constantly beat down on you as you move through the streets, this is the one suit I remembered to change back into as I completed the mission. To fulfill the mission, you have to make a number of disguise changes but yet I remembered where I left the Neon City Suit just to get back into it. I’m not sure if it’s how the rain hit the coat, the upturned lapel, the signature red tie, or that fact it all came together against the neon city so well, but this is the best Hitman 3 suit, hands down.

So there you have it, all the starting Hitman 3 suits and then some ranked in order of hotness.  Now, this is of course entirely subjective but one thing that I hope readers can agree on is how much work IO Interactive put into making Agent 47 one of the best-dressed characters in gaming.

Hitman 3 releases January 20, 201 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PSVR, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC (Epic Games Store), and Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming technology.

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