‘Legends of Runeterra’ Partners With Wisdom Gaming Group

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Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games has announced a partnership with Wisdom Gaming Group, focused on Legends of Runeterra, beginning December and running into 2021. Wisdom will produce broadcasts and handle tournament organization on behalf of Riot Games for the North American Legends of Runeterra’s Seasonal Tournaments.

“We’re excited to facilitate tremendous competition with our Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments in North America,” said Chris Greeley, Commissioner of the LCS and Director of Esports. “Based on Wisdom and Giant Slayer’s proven history of accomplishments, we’re confident they’ll help us deliver something truly special to players over the course of multiple tournaments and broadcasts.”

Over the course of two days, the top 1,024 players from each of the game’s four regional servers will be able to compete for a grand prize of $10,000. Final matches will be broadcast live around the world. Additionally, all competitors will have a chance to earn an exclusive card back by winning three tournament matches.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with Riot to build the competitive Legends of Runeterra community,” said SVP of Wisdom Gaming, Ian Anderson. “Much like Teamfight Tactics, this brilliant CCG is core to the evolution of our internal brand, Giant Slayer, and our on-going partnerships with Riot in both titles will help to catalyze the great esports moments that are yet ahead of us as both fans and players.”

Seasonal Tournaments will be at the end of each bi-monthly season, starting on December 6 with the Open Rounds stage. The Open Rounds will be broadcast on Wisdom Gaming’s Giant Slayer channel on December 6, with the Playoffs being broadcast on Riot Games’ official streaming channel on December 13.

To learn more or download Legends of Runeterra, visit the official website.

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