EXCLUSIVE: Mad Cave Begins ‘Mad Community’ To Put A Spotlight on You

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Today, comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios shared its launch of “Mad Community,” a series of videos spotlighting folks in the comic industry and unpacking the state of the industry in 2020 and beyond. You can read in full detail about the initiative from Mad Cave below:

A superhero’s job is never done.

Earlier this year we felt the startling impact firsthand, and we knew everyone else did as well; So we began the #RetailerReliefFund initiative and raised over 10k for more than 30 different comic shops all around North America.

Then this year’s Mad Cave Talent Search, an initiative we implement every year, saw a record number of entries from all across the globe as well, bringing unique perspectives from far and wide.

“Our intention with this talent search is to give aspiring creators the opportunity that many people can only dream of; working on their own published comic book!” said Publisher Chris Fernandez. “We search specifically for diverse, undiscovered talent with a unique voice that has never worked with or been distributed by a major publisher.”

Now Mad Cave is connecting new stories with new audiences with the launch of Maverick—we’re looking to go above and beyond in 2021 by sharing our story, your story, their story. From the creators to fans and comic shops, Mad Cave celebrates the ever-changing landscape of our exciting and uplifting industry.

Welcome to the Mad Community! A video spotlight series on the faces and folks of the comics industry, to talk about what has happened in 2020, what is currently happening, and what our hopes are for the future as a community. Hear what others have to say about the current climate, and how comic shop owners have been rebounding and handling 2020. Expanding on Mad Cave Showcase, a livestream with interviews, live drawings, and giveaways, readers can now also tune in to “Inside the Cave” to get sneak peeks into each of Mad Cave’s artists creative processes through informative step by step videos to learn tips of the trade, and see how favorite pages and panels come to life.

“Mad Community is really just that; it’s about highlighting our mad community,” said Mad Cave CEO Mark London. “At Mad Cave Studios we made a promise to uplift the underrepresented. Whether it’s our local comic shops, avid readers, or undiscovered artists; we will continuously give our community a voice and support them when they need it.”

Mad Cave Studios will continue to provide quality entertainment with a fresh take in an array of genres, while focusing on uplifting the comic community by supporting the underrepresented and writing stories that resonate with unapologetic authentic audiences. You can learn more about the Mad Community on the Mad Cave Studios YouTube Channel!

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