4 Reasons to Play Bake ‘n Switch

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Bake n Switch

Bake ‘n Switch is a local and online couch co-op and player vs player (PvP) party brawler that uses cuteness and concept to create an inventive party-game. In it, you’re able to join 2-4 players and see adorable living dough creatures sacrificed to the Guardians of Dough – oh, and you’re doing the sacrificing by serving them up into ovens. Depending on the mode, you can work as a team or sabotage each other to merge, punch, and bake the Doughs before time runs out. In Bake ‘n Switch, you get to pick one of six Apprentice Bakers, each with their own special abilities.

While a lot of us are still in lockdown, co-op and multiplayer games have been a go-to for many. I mean, look how Among Us has had a resurgence. So, to add to your multiplayer games list to play on stream, in a community night, or just with a loved one on the couch, here are five reasons to pick up Streamline Games’ Bake ‘n Switch. 

Multiplayer Modes for Everyone

Bake n Switch

With enough slots for 2-4 players, Bake ‘n Switch is perfect for a party. Additionally, the fact that the game offers up multiple types of multi-player is it’s biggest strength – outside the adorable buns of course. You can co-op your way through the 100+ levels and work together with your friends, go head to against them, go team versus team, and of course, enter a free-for-all. The ability to switch between the varying multiplayer modes and the option to do local couch co-op as well is something that will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Bake n Switch

Do I need to say more? Sabotage is one of the most fun elements of Bake ‘n Switch. When you’re playing multiplayer you can choose one of two strategies – play to win or play to make sure the other person can’t win. The former means you focus on slinging buns into your own oven and the latter means you throw the Dough into your opponent’s oven and sabotage their game. Personally, a mixture of the two is best, because let’s be honest, a little sabotage is a whole lot of fun.

Adorable Animation with Big Buns

Bake n Switch

With so many different types of Dough, the team at Streamline Games has flexed all their adorable muscles.  The main reason I was so drawn to Bake ‘n Switch was it’s animation and art style. Visually, the game is adorable, cute, fun, and the perfect amount of joy that we all need right now. with 7 different bun species, each with their own unique characteristics, it isn’t just for show either. Across the two worlds, you get the chance to cook all seven types of Dough. On Tropic Toaster, you get to play with the Lil’ Bun, the most normal of Doughs that can be thrown into each other to make a Big Bun, the Doughdough, which is a dodo but well, dough. And finally, the Doughrilla which is a mischievous monkey.

On Serradurra, you get to cook the Armadough, curly croissants that can be used as giant bowling balls to smash through flavors and barriers. Additionally, you also encounter the Bunboa a sneaky Bun who burrows in the sand for surprise attacks, and the adorable Fluff Fox that you have to work as a team to corner. Finally, you have the Batlava that takes the flavor right away from your buns making your goal that much harder.

Dynamic Gameplay

Bake n Switch

With 100+ Levels including Co-op, PVP levels, and Team v Team levels, there is no shortage of variations to play. You also get to move across two worlds: the lush palms and sandy beaches of Tropic Toaster to the harsh and unforgiving terrain of Serradurra. That said, the best thing that Bake ‘n Switch does is that it uses multiple elements per level to create a unique level experience. With flavor pits where you need to put some buns before popping them in the oven and an oven that can request specific combos of flavors and buns or types of buns, or both, you have to stay on your toes. Additionally, each of the levels has unique terrain with gaps, bridges, barriers, springboards, and more that will complicate your route to the oven.

With five reasons to play and many more I didn’t even touch on, it’s time to get baking with your friends. Whether you choose to sabotage them or not is your choice though.

Bake ‘n  Switch is available now for Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch – coming soon to PlayStation4.

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