10 Underrated Shonen Jump Manga to Start Reading Right Now

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Shonen Jump

It’s hard not to know what Shonen Jump is. For most of this generation and the last of weebs, it was the place our favorite and gateway animes first appeared and now, with VIZ Media’s subscription service, it’s easier to read than ever. But with over 10,000 chapters available on the platform, it can be hard to resist the pull of titles that have popular anime associated with them like My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Demon Slayer, and Food Wars just to name a few. And let’s not forget the Big Three. That said, the Shonen Jump subscription also offers up access to some great, almost hidden gems. Some may be attached to existing franchises, some have over 100 chapters, and others are just getting their first volume published in English.

To help you navigate this popular manga landscape, we’ve put together 10 underrated Shonen Jump titles that you can read today, many of which you can start without a subscription. Our criteria for underrated is simple. Is it being talked about obsessively on anime twitter? Does it have a popular anime attached? Do you see at least 20 cosplayers at an anime convention based on the characters? If the answer is no, we considered it underrated. While one title on here bends the rules a little, it’s only because we think people need to pick it up.

Spy × Family

Shonen Jump

Spy × Family follows a spy who has to “build a family” in order to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as a daughter and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with are a mind reader and an assassin respectively.

Spy × Family is available for pre-order on Amazon/Kindle via our Affiliate Link.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Shonen Jump - Mu Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is about a young man named Koichi who uses his Quirk to help others. After he and a girl are harassed by a group of thugs and saved thanks to the vigilante Knuckleduster, Koichi is recruited to become a vigilante himself. The manga has a slightly darker tone compared to the original manga and was also designed as a prequel to the main series, with some of the events occurring within the vigilantes’ line of duties having ties to the main series.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is available on ComiXology via our Affiliate Link.


Zip up and get your robot on! A new type of robot-action series! World-famous handsome mechanical engineer Koshiro Tatara and scary-looking musclehead Kaname, polar opposite twins, both fell in love with the same girl’s smile. Since then, they compete daily to see which of them can make her smile more. But one day, tragedy suddenly strikes Koshiro…

Zipman!! is only currently available via the Shonen Jump subscription.

Black Torch


Although he may appear rough-and-tumble, Jiro Azuma’s compassionate side emerges when it comes to the furry critters he can communicate with. But Jiro’s soft spot for animals gets him in major trouble when a suspicious stray cat fuses with him, granting him exceptional power but also dragging him into humanity’s hidden battle against powerful Japanese spirits, mononoke.

Black Torch is available on ComiXology via our Affiliate Link.

Burn the Witch (One-Shot)

Burn the Witch is a one-shot manga by Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo, detailing a day in the lives of two witches working for the Western Branch of Soul Society, located in Reverse London. It takes place in the same world as his previous work, set 12 years after the Quincy Blood War.

Burn the Witch is currently available via the Shonen Jump site for free.

Mission: Yozakura Family

shonen Jump

Taiyo Asano is a super shy high school student and the only person he can talk to is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura. It turns out that Mutsumi is the daughter of the ultimate spy family! Even worse, Mutsumi is being harassed by her overprotective, nightmare of a brother, Kyoichiro. What drastic steps will Taiyo have to take to save Mutsumi?! A spy family comedy – the mission begins!

Mission: Yozakura Family is only currently available via the Shonen Jump subscription.


Shonen Jump

Kei Yonagi must delve deep into her psyche to succeed in the cutthroat world of acting, but can she keep her sanity while doing so? The young actor has a family of siblings to feed, but she finds herself struggling with her psychological demons when playing a role. Her desperate acting catches the eye of a famous director, Sumiji Kuroyama, who’s looking for raw talent to mold. Can he help Yonagi navigate the cutthroat world of acting without losing her sanity?

Act Age is available for pre-order on Amazon/Kindle via our Affiliate Link.

Chainsaw Man

Shonen Jump chainsaw Man

The name says it all! Denji’s life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he’s living in the big city and an official Devil Hunter. But he’s got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers!

Chainsaw Man is only currently available via the Shonen Jump subscription.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Shonen Jump

Gabimaru the Hollow is one of the most vicious ninja assassins ever to come out of the village of Iwagakure. He’s ruthlessly efficient, but a betrayal results in him being handed a death sentence. There is only one hope: if he can travel to a long-hidden island and recover an elixir that will make the shogun immortal, he will regain his freedom. Failure is not an option – on this island, Heaven and Hell are a hair’s breadth away.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku is available on ComiXology via our Affiliate Link.

Hi-Fi Cluster

Welcome to the Ability Society. A futuristic world where no one has an advantage from the abilities they were born with, because you can easily download abilities. These downloadable abilities, called “Labels,” will give you the skills to do just about anything. From driving a car to making pottery, the sky’s the limit. But there’s just one problem—they don’t work for Heita Jugojo. How can a guy with no abilities survive in a world where everybody’s an “expert”? Find out in this offbeat sci-fi story!

Chainsaw Man is only currently available via the Shonen Jump subscription.

This is the tip of the Shonen Jump iceberg. With so many titles to explore from all kinds of genres now is the time to jump in. Did we list some of your favorites? Let us know your favorite underrated Shonen Jump titles on our social media.

Synopses taken from product description pages.

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