REVIEW: ‘Suicide Squad,’ Issue #2

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Suicide Squad #2

Suicide Squad #2 is published by DC Comics, written by Tom Taylor, art by Bronx Redondo, with colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Wes Abbott. After last issue’s bloody merger of the Suicide Squad and the Revolutionaries, Director Lok sends the newly formed team out on their first mission. And why not. Nothing says team building like overthrowing a government.

There are two times that I truly love comic books. The first is when they are so exciting and so cool I can’t put them down. The second is when the creative team uses the characters and medium to speak out and make important points about society, government and culture. When a book gives me both? Well, that is an extremely rare treat. And that, my fine reader, is Suicide Squad #2. Let’s start with the coolness.

Just like with the last issue the former members of The Revolutionaries steal this story. I love how powers are used by these characters. All too often I find myself reading comics and saying things like, “Why doesn’t the teleporter just do X?”. I’m delighted to say that Taylor does not shy away from utilizing the characters’ powers in those perfect sort of ways. Obvious usages that generally get ignored because it would wrap action sequences too easily are used and they are cool to see. It gives the characters a feeling of skill and efficiency. They know their business. I will probably be muttering Osita’s line, “Wink. Range,” followed by a chuckle for days to come.

While Suicide Squad #2’s coolness is top-notch, its infusion of important social commentary and the ability to not have it feel cheapened by its coolness are what makes this book truly amazing. Taylor weaves several small, but important moments into his narrative that calls attention to things I hear about every day. The highlight is a moment in a drop-ship with Deadshot. During a conversation with Wink and Arie he, without permission, strokes one of the feathers on Arie’s wings. His new compatriots do not take kindly to this.

While this may seem like a small thing to those of us who don’t suffer from people violating our personal space regularly I know there are many people who will instantly relate to Arie’s position. Furthermore, they will smile when they see how their teammates step up and address what will happen should Deadshot do it gain.

While I’m on the topic of Arie and Wink, if there is a best new couple in comics award I dearly hope they score it. The supportive understanding they show each other is so beautiful. Arie seems like an extremely tender personality, who comes across as both timid and shy. While Wink is shown to be the spirited one of the duo, always propping Arie up when they are struggling. Perhaps the single greatest statement about this duo is Wink’s nonchalance when she teleports places. Her body langue communicates perfectly her supreme confidence that she will never hit the ground when blind teleporting into the air. There’s just no way she can fathom Arie not catching her.

Going along with the brilliant writing in Suicide Squad #2 is a stellar visual presentation.  Redondo’s pencils are excellent at picking angles, tightness and subjects to focus on. Each panel shows precisely what it needs to. The emotion is there within these characters and the action is captured with a feeling of speed and excitement.

While the art as a whole is amazing, it’s the colors that really make these visuals pop. Lucas brings so much energy to the panels through the color choices present within them. With the panels bouncing between hot and cold palettes, the pages feel constantly striking. And the vibrancy of everything gives the entire presentation the larger-than-life feel that is personified in the essence of superhero stories.

As I’ve already said Suicide Squad #2 is simply amazing. I never would have guessed that this book would be ranking so high in my current favorites. But Taylor, Redondo, Lucas, and Abbott are crafting a book that is definitely earning that spot for me. I just hope they can keep this story going this strong for as long as DC lets them.

Suicide Squad #2 is available on now wherever comics are sold.

Suicide Squad #2


I never would’ve have guessed that this book would be ranking so high in my current favorites. But Taylor, Redondo, Lucas, and Abbott are crafting a book that is definitely earning that spot for me.

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