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Rat Queens #20 - But Why Tho

Rat Queens #20 is published by Image Comics under their Shadowline imprint. It comes from the creative team of writer/letterer Ryan Ferrier, artist Priscila Petraites, and colorist Marco Lesko. In the last harrowing issue of Rat Queens, the titular Queens were killed.

Rat Queens #20 opens with the aftermath. The one remaining Rat Queen, Maddie, is being tortured in the city square of Palisade. Gary, believing he has finally defeated his hated foes is celebrating all while the torture commences. But his celebrations are short lived as Dee, with her godlike powers, is not quite dead. Use the aforementioned powers Dee resurrects the rest of the Rat Queens.

Meanwhile, as Gary is wrapping up the torture and preparing to finish Maddie off, he is interrupted. The rest of the Rat Queens have showed up and are ready to put his monarchy to rest for good. In the ensuing fight Betty finally regains her confidence and the battle quickly swings in the Queens’ favor. However, it quickly becomes clear that Gary is not entirely himself and some entity has possessed him. When the entity finally show’s itself it quickly becomes clear that there are more dangerous things on the horizon for the Rat Queens.

The script for this issue from Lesko is good if not a little safe. It’s a pretty classic “good guys win” scenario with a helping of Deus Ex Machina. If the preceding story had not been written as it was then this would have felt cheap. Thankfully the arcs that lead to the events of this final issue were carefully plotted and foreshadowed.

More importantly ,this story includes the one crucial thing that must be present with miracles in a story. That thing being, consequences. It is made abundantly clear that what the characters are doing and have done have consequences, and it is clear that those will inform the story going forward.

The art from Petraites is joyfully present in all of it’s crass, gory glory. The characters are wonderfully expressive, and their facial expressions continue to be a highlight of the series. Lesko’s colors are phenomenal in this issue. The effects of the spells practically leap off of the page. Later in the issue the gleaming light reflecting off of a slimy surface is a wonderful accentuation as well. Finally, Ferriers’ letters continue to be solid. The marriage of writer and letterer has become a great strength for this series and Ferrier continues to do a great job.

Rat Queens #20 is a solid endpoint of the new creative team’s first arc. It changes a few things, rearranges others, and makes sure there is still conflict going forward. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading this series under the new management, and continue to be for the foreseeable future. If you’ve been sleeping on this one, then now is a good time to start planning on getting back in.

Rat Queens #20 is available wherever comics are sold.

Rat Queens #20


If you’ve been sleeping on this one, then now is a good time to start planning on getting back in.

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