REVIEW: ‘Broad City’ Episode 9 – Along Came Molly

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Along Came Molly

Broad City is in its final episodes of the final season. The show was created by and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as the main characters. Currently airing on Comedy Central and with only one more episodes left, Abbi and Ilana work together to sell Abbi’s stuff to help pay for the cost her move in “Along Came Molly.”

On this episode, we open with a depressed Ilana sulking on her couch trying to process the life-changing news that Abbi told her on last week’s episode, she is moving to Boulder, Colorado in two weeks. At first, it seems like nothing will bring Ilana out of her depression until Abbi FaceTime’s her to do the one thing Ilana has always asked her to do, that she never wanted to do. Most well-versed fans will probably be amused with this inside jokes, while some new watchers might be really confused and slightly disgusted.
Along Came Molly
Now in better spirits, Ilana agrees to stop avoiding Abbi and even helps her with selling her stuff to help with her upcoming move to Colorado and as a thank you for helping, Abbi surprises Ilana with concert tickets to see her favorite rapper, Lil Wayne, with the bonus of doing Molly (the drug) together for the first time at the concert.
While moving and selling off Abbi’s stuff, Ilana decides that she wants to keep Abbi’s couch as it would be a fond memory and keepsake for her to hold on to. Abbi agrees and thinks it’s an excellent idea for her to have it. They make plans to move the couch to Ilana’s place and then go to the concert.
Sounds like a simple enough plan, right?  But in true Broad City fashion, things don’t go exactly how they planned. When the couch is mistaken for garbage, Abbi and Ilana make a mad dash after the dump truck desperate to save the couch and still make it to the concert on time.

Broad City on Twitter: “abbi has such good friends

One of my favorite things in this episode was the surprise reveal that Abbi and Bevers, the boyfriend of Abbi’s roommate (who we’re not sure even exists), hooked on the couch. Abbi and Ilana, have always been open with sharing details from their dating and sex lives. Especially Ilana, who has shared many aspects of her sexual exploits and relationships with Abbi on several occasions. That’s why I thought it t was surprising to find out that Ilana kept this a secret from Abbi. However, I don’t think she kept a secret out of shame, but rather because  Ilana knows how much Bevers, while he means well, annoys Abbi as a roommate and friend.

Another thing I enjoyed in this episode was the molly-induced twerk session in the alley. I appreciated that while they are hilariously twerking in a dirty alley the characters having a very open and in-depth conversation about how Abbi’s upcoming move will impact them both individually and their friendship. This moment was needed so they could both be vulnerable with one another to their fears and concerns out into the open. What follows is both characters affirming one another that their friendship is simply evolving but will remain intact no matter how far they are from one another.

Lastly, in my opinion, the couch represented Ilana still slightly being in denial about Abbi leaving. It’s understandable that she wants a keepsake of Abbi’s to hold onto for when she is gone, but the lengths to which she’s willing to go for the couch are kind of unhealthy. However, it is good to see at the end of the ‘Along Came Molly’, when they’re on their way home and realize they forgot the couch in the alley, that Ilana laughs okay with it. It shows her growth and acceptance in being able to support Abbi and honestly let her go.

With one more episode left, I’m anxiously waiting to see their goodbye.

Broad City, Episode 9
  • 9/10
    Rating - 9/10


With one more episode left, I’m anxiously waiting to see their goodbye.

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