REVIEW: ‘Let Them Come: To Die!’ (PS4)

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Let Them Come

Versus Evil and Tuatara Games have a surprisingly simple game on their hands. Let Them Come concept is simple, KILL EVERYTHING THAT CRAWLS ON TO YOUR SCREEN! Now that does sound amazingly simple until you actually play the game and realize it’s one of those “easy to play, hard to master” games. These are the games that will suck you in and spit you back out, battered, bruised, and wanting for more punishment because it’s so damn good.

The graphics in the game are some amazing pixelated color boxes that glow, explode, splatter, ricochet, and more as you hold down the fire button to fend off the horde. The background is amazing as you move throughout parts of this I guess spaceship? There are corridors that are nothing but solid dreary gray-scale, a reactor room with a hypnotic blue glow, and even an area with a view of space. I’m more than sure there are more places to explore as you dive further and further into the waves.

Now not only is the atmosphere charged but so are the creatures you’re tasked with eviscerating. They initially start off simple and then as the Waves increase they become more aggressive and more abundant that you inevitably end up dead. Yet through the power of game logic, you revive and continue on the slaughtering bugs, bipedal mutant things, exploding things of splash damage and death, and even bosses. Speaking of bosses, the boss fights are truly something of both amazing challenge and controller breaking enragement. So much can happen on the screen at a time that it makes you want to scream from the rooftops, but when you are victorious you want to cry tears of joy. If that only happens to me, then I must be more noob than I thought.

Like I mentioned earlier Let Them Come is a simple game, you simply aim with Right Stick and shoot everything with LT. As you kill the creatures you’re rewarded money, how that’s possible, as it seems you’re the only one alive and you’re barricaded in, I don’t know, but that’s game logic for you. Back on track, as you shoot things dead, you earn currency, once you die (you will A LOT!) you can cash in for upgrades. These range from gun upgrades to melee weapon upgrades. You also unlock new music tracks as you play so that way the game isn’t just the monotonous sounds of gunfire and death squeals.

As you push further and further and encounter more and more badass creatures, you have to make sure that you’re keeping yourself above their badass level, or else you’ll die very fast. Thankfully, you can refund items and swap to something new if you find out you don’t like it. Another way that you can stay ahead is by managing your bonuses. They appear at random times and can give you some powerful passives or actives to use to help you slaughter everything, such as Airstrikes, or to help keep you alive, such as Leech on Hit. So just do your best to live and let the rest sort itself out accordingly.

To sum it up, for a $5 game, Let Them Come has a good amount of content for such a little price. You get the standard campaign and you also get a Rampage mode. The campaign in the wave-based story with the bosses, whereas Rampage, is for those looking to simply go crazy and BLOW IT ALL UP! So if you have some loose change in your pocket and looking for a fun game with very little input with a lot of bangs, definitely pick up this game.

Let Them Come
  • 5/10
    Rating - 5/10


To sum it up, for a $5 game, Let Them Come has a good amount of content for such a little price.

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