‘Middlewest’ Says It’s Okay To Forgive Without Forgetting

Reading Time: 4 minutes Middlewest is a story not about abuse or escaping it, but what happens when it’s time to finally choose for ourselves how to feel about ourselves

Indie Comics You May Not Have Read But Should July 7th

Reading Time: 5 minutes From strong beginnings to powerful endings, these stories are some of the best indie comics: July 7th, including Karma, Middlewest, Mamo, and Nocterra

REVIEW: ‘Middlewest,’ Issue #17

Reading Time: 3 minutes Middlewest #17 sees the beginning of the end. With caravan having arrived at Raider’s farm, and the Ethol rows a blaze, it’s times for debts to be paid.

Eisner Award-Nominated ‘Middlewest’ Series Finale Hits Shelves This July

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Middlewest finale by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona will bring the Eisner-award-winning series to a breathtaking conclusion this July.

REVIEW: ‘Middlewest,’ Issue #15

Reading Time: 3 minutes Middlewest #15 sees a storm of legendary proportions sweep across the Middlewest as the final preparations are made for the fight against Raider.

REVIEW: Middlewest, Issue #14

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘Middlewest #14’ focuses squarely on life at Raider’s farm as the kids learn about each other they receive a valuable lesson.

REVIEW: ‘Middlewest,’ Issue #13

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Middlewest’ #13 Sees Maggie and Jeb prepare to confront Raider. Abel and Bobby struggle to keep their spirits up while in the distance, a storm brews.

REVIEW: ‘Middlewest’ #11

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Middlewest #11,’ from Image Comics, follows Abel as he lashes out at the one being in his world who deserves it the least; Fox

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