REVIEW: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Reading Time: 3 minutes Don’t go into Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga expecting Blades of Glory level humor. Rather, it’s a love letter to Eurovision.

REVIEW: ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Episode 6 – “Up Is Down”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Episode six of Motherland: Fort Salem continues to build out the world of the series and dive deeper into characters we’ve fallen for.

REVIEW: ‘In Other Waters’ Is A Delightful Research Simulation (Switch)

Reading Time: 4 minutes A beautifully crafted atmospheric narrative driven game, In Other Waters, dives deep into the life of a scientist uncovering a mystery.

ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Hidden Society,’ Issue #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hidden Society #1 follows as a wizard, Ulloo, pulls together a rag tag group of characters in order to save society from a fearsome primeval force.

REVIEW: ‘Rune Factory 4 Special’ is a Solid Addition to the Switch Lineup (Switch)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rune Factory 4 Special is a solid addition to the Switch lineup. Despite its similarities to Stardew Valley, there’s more than enough room for both games.

REVIEW: ‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer,’ The Graphic Novel

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘Woman: Warbringer (The Graphic Novel),’ adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s novel of the same name, tells a story of the first time Diana left Themiscyra.

REVIEW: ‘Dollface’ Season 1 Isn’t Perfect But it Shows Wonderful Supportive Friendships

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hulu’s Dollface season one starts off rocky and smooths out, showing the messiness of relearning to live life for yourself instead of someone else.

REVIEW: ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Is Wholly Relatable Even if It’s a Bit Long

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lady and the Tramp, is full of heart and clearly made by people who love dogs as much as the audience does, making it wholly relatable.

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