REVIEW: ‘Sex Appeal’ Is Yet Another Teen Comedy Devoid of Laughs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sex Appeal fails to reach the highs of films like Booksmart and Superbad and ends up toiling in the well-worn genre of teen sex comedies.

REVIEW: ‘A Hero’ Feels Familiar yet Still Gripping

Reading Time: 3 minutes Two-time Oscar-winning director and writer Asghar Farhadi crafts a gripping tale in A Hero that may feel too familiar but still delivers in spades with strong acting performances.

REVIEW: ‘Single All the Way’ Plays it Safe But Tells A Charming Love Story

Reading Time: 3 minutes Single All the Way is a by-the-numbers love story from Netflix told with an LGBQT twist that is both funny and charming despite playing it safe throughout.

REVIEW: ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ is a Deathly Slog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Still, at just under 90 minutes, No One Gets Out Alive delivers enough creepy atmosphere and solid performances for a painless night of horror movie binging

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘When I Consume You’ Serves up a Demonic Twist

Reading Time: 3 minutes When I Consume You delivers a surprising twist early on that promptly sets the table, a creepy adversary, and a moody atmosphere to boot.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘The Righteous’ is a Slow and Stormy Occult Tale

Reading Time: 3 minutes Overall, The Righteous starts intense and intriguing, but it ultimately feels like a stage play that went on for too long.

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘The Last Thing Mary Saw’ Is an Unsettling and Chilling Debut for Edoardo Vitaletti

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a strong ensemble cast, a riveting second and third act, and an atmosphere rich in mystery and dread, how can you go wrong?

FANTASIA FEST 2021: ‘Baby Money’ is Tense but Unmistakably Dull

Reading Time: 3 minutes Baby Money is a taut crime heist gone wrong, much in the vein of 2017’s Good Time but without the directorial flair and finesse of the Safdie Brothers.

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