Top 10 Deadliest Devils in Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho (10)

SPOILER WARNING: This piece contains major spoilers for the Chainsaw Man anime.

In the world of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, there is danger around every corner, manifesting in the form of deadly devils and devil hybrids. Powerful entities known as devils are a supernatural race of entities that gain power from humanity’shumanity’s fears and feast on humans. Devil hybrids have human consciousness and appearance but can transform into devil-human hybrids and manifest the supernatural abilities of their Devil. For the most part, devils wreak havoc and terrorize humanity. However, a select few, like Denji/Chainsaw Man, that work with devil hunters to save humanity. Whether fiend or human, the most powerful devils blow them all out of the water. 

From the embodiment of darkness to the masters of time, these deadly beings have left a trail of destruction in their wake. They are pushing the limits of fear and survival. As we delve into their twisted abilities and insidious nature, be prepared to confront the true essence of evil that dwells within the pages of Chainsaw Man. While the Future Devil is one of the early intimidating devils we saw in his conversation with Aki, there are so many more that the public safety devil hunters will have to survive. Zombie Devil, Ghost Devil, Bat Devil, Snake Devil, or even a public safety-aligned Shark Devil, there are many to choose from, but here, we’ve made a list of the top 10 deadliest devils in Chainsaw Man known to date. Each ranking is based on the devils’ unique and deadly powers. 

10. Eternity Devil

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

The Eternity Devil embodies the fear of eternity. It can manipulate the flow of time and space to trap and drive its victims to the edge of insanity. It can disguise itself as a building to easily lull humans into a false sense of security before it tortures them.

9. Katana Man 

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

Katana Man is a devil-human hybrid who merged with the Katana Devil. Katana Man is a cruel, highly skilled killer willing to sacrifice anyone, even his comrades if it gets him closer to his goal. The name of the human that fused with the Katana Devil is unknown, but his grandfather was the mob boss killed by Denji in episode 1. 

8. Reze/Bomb Devil Hybrid 

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

Reze is another devil-human hybrid who has a contract with the Bomb Devil. She possesses the destructive power to create and manipulate explosions. She can unleash devastating blasts on a massive scale that instantly turn anything in her path to rubble.  

7. Chainsaw Devil

The Chainsaw Devil is incredibly feared among some devils and highly respected by others because of its unique ability to completely erase other devils from existence. In its s proper devil form is large, the Chainsaw Devil closely resembles Denji’s hybrid setup, except it is much larger and has four arms with chainsaws protruding from each. At some point, it took on the form of Pochita, who later made its first contract with Denji.

6. Angel/Angel Devil 

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

Equipped with a cute halo, The Angel Devil, also known as Angel, is a devil who embodies the fear of angels. Different from most other devils, Angel has no hostility towards humans and has even expressed some feelings towards certain humans. However, they are so deadly because they can absorb life spans in a matter of seconds with a single touch. 

5. Curse Devil 

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

The Curse Devil embodies the fear of curses. The Curse Devil is a giant, two-headed skeleton with horns and longer, mandible-like teeth when summoned. When manifested, the Devil picked up its target and mortally wound them by biting into their shoulders and necks while crushing their arms.

4. Falling Devil 

The Falling Devil is a devil that embodies the primal fear of falling, which includes both the act of physically falling down and mentally falling into a depressive state. The Falling Devil is extremely cruel, as she prefers to break her victims emotionally and mentally until they decide to commit suicide rather than kill them immediately. She currently has the main antagonist of the current arc in the Chainsaw Man manga. 

3. Control Devil 

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

Later on in the series, it is revealed that Makima is the Control Devil who embodies the fear of control or conquest. With her power to manipulate and control other devils, the Control Devil holds immense authority over nearly any being. It can bend other devils to its will, forcing them to obey its commands and turning them into powerful weapons against their kind. 

2. Gun Devil

Widely regarded as the most lethal Devil, the Gun Devil, instills fear worldwide with its destructive power. This Devil can manifest countless guns and rain down a barrage of bullets, causing unparalleled devastation in an instant. 

1. Darkness Devil

Chainsaw Man Characters - But Why Tho

The Darkness Devil embodies the fundamental and primitive fear of darkness. The Darkness Devil controls all shadows and darkness, which allows it to manipulate shadows to obscure vision and launch sneak attacks from any angle. It has extreme speed and strength and can instantly dismember and kill multiple people. Making it the deadliest Devil.  

There are plenty of other deadly devils in the world of Chainsaw Man, but these are the ones I think make the cut. If you want to know more about the devils in Chainsaw Man, I recommend watching it on Crunchyroll or reading the manga.

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