Greedventory Arrives On Steam & GOG

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Greedventory On Steam

Indie publisher Nordcurrent Labs is happy to announce that its RPG Greedventory, developed by Ukrainian studio Black Tower Basement, has made its grand entrance on Steam and GOG. Blending humor and irreverence with souls-like and RPG mechanics, Greedventory will provide players with a challenging and unforgettable experience that is both challenging and rewarding, leaving them laughing along the way even as they restart their run for the 80th time!

Heroes are forged from bucket helmets and wooden planks in Greedventory, and there are no knights in shining armor pulling swords from stones here. Confront evil magicians, defeat titanic bosses, and uncover ancient treasures while navigating an outlandish world packed with crass humor that takes aim at generic fantasy settings and tropes. Explore moonlit caverns, and delve into spooky forests, all of which are presented in a highly stylized pixel-art design that provides a visually striking yet dark backdrop for the adventure that awaits. There’s no way of knowing what lurks in the shadows, and a failure to match the challenging obstacles that lay ahead will see players begin their journey anew, helmet and plank in hand.

Greedventory steps away from the well-trodden controls of its contemporaries, instead letting players wield their keyboard and mouse in an innovative real-time combat system that relies on reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Attack and evade using the mouse before sending a volley of spells toward enemies using the keyboard. Even the most battle-hardened knights will fall at the hands of the dangerous enemies that await them, but every death is an opportunity to learn from failure and then master Greedventory’s rewarding combat system. While the challenge and consequences of dying may remind you of Souls-like staples, Greedventory injects the genre with a refreshing dose of whimsical charm and hilarity that sets it apart.

Greedventory arrived on Steam and GOG today. It’s playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. To keep up with the latest Greedventory news, follow the Black Tower Basement team on Twitter and the official Nordcurrent Labs Twitter.

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