Cook, Serve, Forever Gets Its Early Access Launch Date

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Cook Serve Forever Early Access

As a fan of Vertigo Gaming Inc.’s recent games, I have been excited for Cook, Serve, Forever Early Access release since I got to go hands-on with a recent demo. Now, the developers have finally announced the date fans need to mark on their calendars. May 8th is when the game will launch across multiple PC stores. Less than one month to go. But while that is big enough news, Vertigo Gaming also revealed a slew of other information fans will be excited to have.

The second biggest piece of news that came with Cook, Serve, Forever‘s Early Access launch is the price point. While the starting price of $29.99 is what the game will be going for, long-time fans of the developer can get discounts if they own previous titles from the developer through “complete the set” bundles on Steam—owning Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! nets a 10% discount, while owning the entire original trilogy gets players 20%—a great way to thank fans for their extended support.

While the game will only have roughly 25% of the campaign available at early access launch, Vertigo Gaming assures players that there will be plenty to do on day one. Dozens of recipes, locations, difficulty, and perks will be available in the game, along with all the cutscenes and story elements that take place during this portion of the campaign.

The final thing announced with Cook, Serve, Forever, Early Access is an extended road map laying out what the developer plans to release over the coming year as it heads towards its full ver.1.0 launch early next year. Things like story content, new locations, perks, and bug fixes will come throughout the year. Meanwhile, the devs are targeting this summer for the release of the game’s local coop mode. Featuring easy, drop-in, drop-out play, this promises to let chefs share the fun with their friends. The fall has a new side mode called Cooking School scheduled. While no details are shared, it sounds like some form of challenge mode to give players even more to experience from the game. Then for the coming winter, it simply promises more features will coincide with the ver 1.0 launch. Vertigo Gaming says they are always listening to player feedback, and it sounds like some elements of that feedback may make it into the game here.

A last fun note that comes with Cook, Serve, Forever‘s Early Access announcement is that Vertigo Gaming is shooting to get the full game eventually released on all three major consoles. This is exciting as it means even more chefs may get to put their skills to the test.

Finally, Vertigo Gaming released a fun Early Access trailer that can be found below—a small taste of what is to come.

Cook, Serve, Forever launches in Early Access on PC on May 8th. You can wishlist the game now on its Steam Page.

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