Attack on Titan UNIQLO Collection

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Attack on Titan UT collaboration

Global Japanese retailer UNIQLO, in partnership with Kodansha, announces that it will launch the Attack on Titan UT collaboration t-shirt collection in the United States on Thursday, March 30, to celebrate the release of The Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Part 1 earlier this month on Saturday, March 3. Attack on Titan The Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Part 1 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. The collection includes eight distinct designs and showcases action scenes featuring various characters. The collection is available globally, but launch dates vary by region.

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The Attack on Titan Japanese manga series has remained massively popular domestically and abroad, with sales surpassing 100 million copies. A UT collaboration collection commemorating Attack on Titan The Final Season television anime series based on the manga will go on sale on Thursday, March 30. The collection captures the spirit of the manga series that made it such a hit with readers. It constitutes a perfect conclusion to a turbulent tale with such quotes as Eren Yeager’s and Mikasa Ackerman’s memorable, “If we don’t fight, we can’t win.” Other gems include a scene in which Eren turns into a Titan and another in which Captain Levi Ackerman strikes a “Dedicate your heart” pose.


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