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Independent Danish developer Floppy Club is excited to announce that Rytmos, a world music-themed puzzle game, is now on Steam and Nintendo Switch for $14.99/£13.49. Taking to the stage with a fascinating blend of puzzle-solving and musical composition, Rytmos offers an interplanetary adventure that will see players not only interact with music genres from across the world but giving them the tools they need to create their very own tunes!

Each beautiful world encountered in Rytmos brings with it a challenge for players to complete and introduces new mechanics that ensure the challenge of completion evolves alongside the players increasing knowledge of the in-game universe. Finishing each section of the planet’s puzzle adds a new layer to the soundtrack as musical compositions are formed in real-time and controlled by the player’s actions.

Finishing a planet turns Rytmos into an interactive music maker, rewarding players with instruments and letting them jam out alongside the completed level’s soundtrack. Wield the Kalimba, rock out with the electric guitar, or go old-school and try the electric synthesizer. There’s even the ability to record jamming sessions and produce full tracks using the 15+ instruments and modifiers available in the game.

Rytmos takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of global music genres, with this journey across the stars leading to encounters with Germany’s famous 70s electronic scene, 1960s Ethiopian Jazz, or even the 8-bit gaming wave! Floppy Club has developed Rytmos to be not just a game but also an interactive way to educate and inspire people on the history of music. Focusing on relaxing gameplay means Rytmos delivers a meditative experience full of lightbulb moments and head-bobbing soundtracks.

Set List:
Embark on an intergalactic musical odyssey full of exploration and composition
Shape the game’s soundtrack by completing puzzles and adding new layers of music
Enjoy a soundtrack inspired by world music from throughout history
Unlock instruments, record jamming sessions, and make your own music!
A partner website for the game offers free playlists of in-game music as well as music theory and history.

Rytmos is available now and already serenading players on Steam, Epic Games, and Nintendo Switch. A mobile version is also set to launch later in the year. Players can keep up to date with the latest news by visiting the Rytmos website and following Floppy Club on Twitter.

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