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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 - But Why Tho

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 is the final issue of the event published by DC Comics, written by Joshua Williamson, art by Daniel Sampere, Jack Herbert, Cam Smith, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Rafa Sandoval, colours by Alejandro Sánchez, Alex Guimarães, Romulo Fajardo Jr and Matt Herms, and letters by Tom Napolitano. In the finale of the event, Nightwing and the heroes of the DC Universe face off against Deathstroke and the Dark Army, and must give everything to overcome them.

The stakes and pace of this event have been progressively getting more intense, but in this issue, it splits. On one hand, it maintains that momentum, with the huge battle serving as a backdrop. And, on the other hand,  the comic is primarily focused on the focal point of the fight; Deathstroke and the leaders of those resisting him. Williamson brings back many of the characters that have either had their own missions as there is a fantastic blend of the large and small. Intimacy and incredulity work well together in this issue and in the event in general. The fight keeps going until the bitter end, with very few lives and a whole universe at stake. This is a story that has consequences, with the ramifications laid clear by the end of the comic. There is cause for both wariness and hope for the future of the DC Universe after the darkness threatens to shatter it.

The sheer size and spectacle of the comic threatened to lose the heart of the characters that had made it shine early on, but the last issue brings it back to what matters. One of the largest leaders of this event whilst the Justice League has been missing is Nightwing, and he is given a huge role in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. The opening of the comic sends him back through the years, reminding us of the journey has been on. He has always been terrific but this event feels like him stepping onto an even bigger stage.

Then there is Black Adam, whose temper tantrums and rage has been an unpredictable subplot. His strength vibrates off of the page. Although, his last part in this event is slightly disappointing as I felt it was underwhelming. There is also a lovely conversation between Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, who always seems to play a part in any Crisis or large-scale event.

The art is utterly fantastic, as flawless as it has been throughout the entirety of the issue. Whilst there are other artists included in this last chapter, it should be noted that much of that is seen in the epilogues and preview for what is coming next. The ending of the primary plot is almost entirely illustrated by Sampere and Sandoval. Whilst the art is fantastic across the board, it felt right for those two creators to finish what they had started. There are some epic moments in this issue, and the artists keep the contrast between large and small. There is the sprawling mass of characters fighting each other—a mindboggling display of detail and chaos. But the one-on-one brawls are intense and brutal, with some figures battling whilst beaten and bloody. The close-ups of battered faces as they scream are full of drama.

The introduction of other artists for the last part of this bumper issue is a brilliant decision for a few reasons. It gives Sampere and Sandoval a rest after what must have been a severe drawing schedule. In addition, it is a refreshing change that signals the start of something new. 

The colours are tremendous. In the battle itself, the shades are dark and ominous, with the red sky hanging over the whole affair. But there are pieces of bright, powerful light that seek to overthrow that darkness. This can be seen with pure white tinged with blue, coming from figures such as Black Adam and Doctor Light. The lettering is dynamic, fitting, and excellent.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 goes out with the same incredible magnitude it entered with. This is a book that is a beautiful mix of heartfelt character moments and some of the most epic set-pieces of the year. This book shines by using characters usually on the sidelines and placing them firmly in the limelight. Sampere, Sandoval, and Sanchez have been utterly phenomenal as an art team that has truly captured the grandiosity of the event whilst having the time to deploy personal and quiet periods. Dark Crisis has been a magnificent run that has thoroughly embraced everything that makes the universe(s) great.

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Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7


Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 goes out with the same incredible magnitude it entered with. This is a book that is a beautiful mix of heartfelt character moments and some of the most epic set-pieces of the year.

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