Devs Add Kindling to Frozen Flame’s EA Launch w/ Major Roadmap News

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Frozen Flame

Today, publisher Ravenage and developer Dreamside Interactive are proud to open the gates to Arcana, as Frozen Flame is now available via Early Access. The developers have also shared the first iteration of the game’s roadmap showing how Frozen Flame’s challenging blend of exploration and survival will evolve over time!

The Early Access release of Frozen Flame serves as a robust foundation for Dreamside Interactive’s ambitions with the survival RPG, initially offering players an experience that ranges from 8 – 20 hours or more depending on how they play once they enter the world of Arcana. With up to 4 players in local co-op official servers, adventurers will collect resources, cook food, craft gear, and construct dwellings as they traverse through Arcana’s unfriendly world. Those who play in private servers can play with up to 10 players, and additional modes will be added throughout Early Access.

The first major Early Access update to Frozen Flame will be a new biome called Dragon’s Grove, which matches the size of Broken Valley, the area currently available for players to explore. Dragon’s Grove introduces more challenges with new enemies unique to the biome, and players must utilize biome-specific workbenches to craft new armor sets and other items to take them on.

“Dragon’s Grove showcases another layer of the development team’s aim to provide Frozen Flame players with a constantly engaging gameplay experience that keeps them on their toes,” says Serge Korolev, founder of Dreamside Interactive. “We’re pairing bespoke gameplay mechanics and unique resources with each biome in order to bring another layer of freshness. We also want to know what players love or don’t love as we continue to evolve throughout Early Access.”

Be sure to follow Frozen Flame on Steam or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube) for more information, updates, and announcements.

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