PRODUCT REVIEW: DXRacer Craft Series Chair is Cute and Comfortable

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DXRacer Craft Series

Picking a gaming chair can be hard – but it can be a lot easier when they’re aesthetically eye-catching. While DXRacer has been a standard high-quality gaming chair, the DXRacer Craft Series brings something new to the table with a preset of pastel and orante embroidered designs to fit any aesthetic. Starting at $509 USD, let us help you decide if you should join the DXRacer family with the Craft Series.

The Design

If you’re not looking to design your own, DXRacer has seven designs to choose from: the white and gray Thinker with a greek statue design, the yellow and black Rabbit in Dino which features a cute computer using rabbit, the red, white and blue star-spangled America Edition, the gray and yello Give Me More Space design featuring a meditating astronaut, the black and gold Lucky Always design featuring a koi fish, the Classic which all black with gold stitching and no design, and the pink and blue Hello Human design that features an adorable cat that I have. 

Right off the bat, the inclusion of a pastel pink chair in a series is always something I get excited about. But beyond that, the DXRacer Craft Series gaming chairs don’t just stick to the traditional red, green, or blue, with black “gamer” color scheme which allows buyers to show their style in a bright way. For me, getting pink chairs has been a must, given it’s my favorite color and for a long time was rare in the gaming space.

While I was worried about how the large design would hold up while in use, I’m to report that because the design is partly embroidered, you don’t have to worry about it eroding over time as you would with screen-printed designs. Making sure the design is durable speaks to the chair’s longevity. While a screen-printed design may look good for a little bit, 8 hours in your chair a day (if you’re working from home like me) puts it through the wringer. The embroidery itself is also tightly stitched to the leather ensuring that it doesn’t fray.

If you’re looking to order more than six chairs (say for a team), then the DXRacer Custom Craft Series provides nearly endless design and color options. Unleash anyone’s inner artist by going beyond simple screen printing technology using any image on the front, sides, or back complemented by high-quality, detailed embroidery.

The Build

I am in no way strong, I mean, my arms are noodles and I don’t think I’ve opened jars myself since I got married. And yet, I was able to put together the chair by myself in about only 20 minutes (and it only took me that long because I put the base upside down). While I definitely needed help getting the box up the stairs, despite the chair’s weight, the assembly process was easy.

The packaging itself made sure the chair’s leather was protected and the thoughtful packaging put the instructions at the top on the opposite side of the “welcome to the family” insert. Instead of using a small instruction book, the directions featured a large and close-up look at the individual steps in the process and were extremely easy to understand even without written out instructions. Additionally, the small parts of the chair and tools you’ll need are kept in a separate box and helps keep the assembly tidy. To put it simply, I never experienced the frantic search for a part I “just had.”

The Comfort

DXRacer Craft Series

Taking cues from the luxurious Master Series, the Craft Series features soft polyurethane leather, integrated lumbar support, a magnet recliner cover, as well as a cool gel memory foam pillow. While the neck support isn’t something I use on many gaming chairs (I’m 5’4″ so I’m not often reaching where it would be aligned), I pay special attention to lumbar support. With long-standing lower-back pain and general issues, the move from the racing chair pillow strapped onto a chair to internal lumbar support has been a game-changer. Not only is it aesthetically nicer, but after spending a few weeks using the chair daily for work and play, I can firmly say that the comfort is there.

While the Craft Series gaming chairs do have a 200lb weight limit and a 6’0″ height limit, making this a buy that doesn’t take into account all body types. If you fit into the range it’s a great buy for comfortable sitting. Additionally, the seat of the chair is wide enough to sit with your legs up comfortably.

The only issue in comfort is that the neck pillow is stationary and doesn’t do much for shorter buyers. Additionally, by needing a black strap to secure the neck pillow in place, you break the pastel pink and white aesthetic in the part of the chair that will be seen the most when in video calls or streaming. But that’s a small critique to say the least.

Overall, buying a new chair can be hard thanks to the hefty price point. But if you’re in the market for a new one, make sure you check out the DXRacer Craft Series for its style. If you pick up the Hello Human chair like I did, you’ll get so see that is both cute and comfy.

The DXRacer Craft Series is now available on the official DXRacer Craft Series website starting at $509 USD.

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