Beyond The Romance of Dr. Brain with Director Kim Jee-woon and Cast

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Kim Jee-woon

It’s Back! After a brief break Beyond The Romance is back with a very special episode where during a recent Press- Day Carolyn interviewed Director Kim Jee-woon and the cast of Dr. Brain, the new original AppleTV+ Korean drama.

Directed by Korean film legend Kim Jee-woon (I Saw the Devil, A Tale of Two Sisters), Dr. Brain is an intense psychological sci-fi thriller about Dr. Koh Se-won (Lee Sun-kyun) a brain scientist who becomes caught up in a mystery when he learns that a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, are connected to the death of his young son Do-yoon, and the tragic accident that befalls his wife Jae-yi (Lee Yoo-young). Determined to uncover the truth, Koh Se-won uses the new and potentially dangerous invention that allows him to sync his brain to that of another being. What occurs is a highly entertaining and unpredictable drama about a man discovering new sides of himself, and the people in his life.

In this interview, I speak with director Kim Jee-woon about building the visual world of Dr. Brain, and Seo Ji-hye, Lee Jae-won, Lee Yoo-young, Park Hee-soon and Lee Sun-kyun about the complex dynamics between the characters and their relationship with Koh Se-won.

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