TIFF 2021: Carolyn Talks ‘Terrorizers’ with Director Ho Wi Ding

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The 2021 Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most anticipated film fests in the world, providing opportunities for filmmakers – first timers and veterans alike to have their creations seen by journalists, every day citizens, and in the age of streaming platforms, marketers who may take interest in helping their films reach even wider audiences. One of those filmmakers is Taiwanese writer and director Ho Wi Ding who presented his third feature film Terrorizers, to audiences.

When Yu Fang (Moon Lee) and Xiao Zhang (J.C. Lin) meet  coincidentally after five years apart, a cute romance begins to blossom. Gifting Yu Fang with roses, a family heirloom and romantic dates and kisses in phonebooths, Xiao Zhang gives Yu Fang things she’s afraid of having; love, trust and hope. But as their romance blossoms, it’s put in jeopardy by the danger Min Liang (Austin Lin) – the son of Yu Fang’s father’s friend – poses to her, Xiao Zhang and Monica (Annie Chen), Yu Fang’s friend.

In this episode of Carolyn Talks…, I spoke with Ho about using non-linear storytelling co-written by Natasha Sung, and visual cues to spin this fascinating and griping story.  With what I would call a truly genre defying story of love, fear of abandonment, loneliness and obsession told trough great nuanced performances and impeccable editing by Ho and co-editor Lee Huey,  the cast and creative team have created a film that ingeniously serves as a scathing critique on how the news media, social media and obsessive men can spin the lives of women out of control.

Read the full by ButWhyTho EIC Kate Sanchez, here. Terrorizers will be the opening film at the 2021 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, and will serve as the film’s Asian premiere. It stars Ding Ning and Pipi Yao in supporting roles.

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