REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel,’ Issue #29

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Captain Marvel #29

Captain Marvel #29 is published by Marvel Comics, written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Jacopo Camagni, colors by Espen Grundetjern, and letters by Clayton Cowles. With Dr. Strange coordinating with the other magic heroes to stonewall Carol’s pursuit of magical training, she is forced to search out a more unconventional teacher. At least that’s the nicest way I can describe The Enchantress as a potential teacher of the mystic arts.

This month’s story opens with Carol’s sales pitch to Amora about why she should take up her request for training. Thompson’s portrayal of the back and forth between the two ladies is excellently delivered. With both women approaching the conversation with the air of strength they always carry, there is a unique dynamic to the exchange. Despite Carol being there to request Amora’s aid, there is never a feeling of being in an inferior bargaining position from the Avenger. Instead, this is an exchange between two confident, and at times cheeky, equals.

With Amora tentatively agreeing to help Carol on her endeavor, the duo head out to the first site of Carol’s magical training: the bottom of the ocean. Throughout Captain Marvel #29, Carol has a running internal quandary about the nature of what she is doing. Is enlisting Amora’s help to train her to kill her possible future son without her knowledge make her a bad guy or not? And while I personally feel Carol’s conclusions may be a bit harsh, I certainly appreciate why Thompson has her hero struggling with the situation.

Upon arriving at their destination, Carol faces down her first magical challenge. Obviously, no spoilers, but it is definitely a challenge worthy of Earth’s Mightiest Hero. I really enjoyed this test. It’s clear that Thompson wanted to craft something that would challenge Carol on multiple levels. And in this, she definitely succeeds.

The art of Captain Marvel #29 does a good job of delivering the many facets of the book’s story. Artist Camagni brings the unique chemistry that the writing gives to Carol and Amora to life. The facial expressions and body language the artist uses to enhance the dialogue tone land amazingly.

The book’s visuals are further enhanced by Grundetjern’s vibrant colors. The wonderful colors utilized by Grundetjern really come to the forefront in the final portion of the book. Between the unique aqua background of the underwater setting to the radiant colors that come with Carol putting all she’s got into a problem, the back portion of this book absolutely dazzles with color-fueled energy.

Wrapping up the book’s visual presentation is Cowles’ lettering. As always, the letterer keeps the story easy to follow and clear of the art throughout this book. In addition, there are also some optional color and design choices for the text in certain areas of the book that really help highlight the uniqueness of the mode of conversation.

When all is said and done, Captain Marvel #29 delivers an entertaining read that follows Carol as she continues her pursuit of magic.

Captain Marvel #29 is available now wherever comics are sold.

Captain Marvel #29


Captain Marvel #29 delivers an entertaining read that follows Carol as she continues her pursuit of magic.

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