Episode 45: We Have to Talk About Bakugo

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We Have to Talk About Bakugo and My Hero Academia Chapter 285
We Have to Talk About Bakugo and My Hero Academia Chapter 285

After Deku’s big moment in season 4 of My Hero Academia we needed to talk about the sweet baby boy’s journey. Now, after My Hero Academia Chapter 285 of the manga, we have to talk about Bakugo. In this episode, we dive into Bakugo’s origin and his growth from bully in friend and hero. While Bakugo is a character that can be polarizing, this episode focusses on how Kohei Horikoshi, the mangaka behind My Hero Academia has gone to great lengths to show Bakugo’s guilt and progression towards a teammate and friend that is looking for Deku because he won’t look out for himself.

With My Hero Academia Chapter 285 we get a chapter of the manga that shows fans Bakugo’s true connection with Deku and seals his growth, and puts him in danger. Just so you know, this is a spoiler filled episode. The women don’t hold back and things get a little intense as they discuss the vitriol in the fandom towards Bakugo. While he was a bully he is a child, and Horikoshi makes that clear and as such children deserve the space to grow from their actions.

You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 285 on the Shonen Jump App from VIZ Media and you can catch up with the anime on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. You can check out Kate’s pieces mentioned in the episode below. And remember, in this house we do not accept Bakugo slander.

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