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Cover for Dragon Ball Super Volume 10

While the anime for Dragon Ball Super has come to a halt, the manga is still in full swing.  While the manga run is well ahead of the release of the volumes, I think there is still merit to having these stories in a compact package. Sub and dub fans alike may have their opinions on the Universal Survival Saga, but it is now time for the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga to shine in Dragon Ball Super Volume 10 by Viz Media. Where would the manga community be without yet another universe threatening enemy for Goku and Vegeta to battle? Enter the ancient planet eater, Moro. While introduced in the previous volume, the great mangaka Akira Toriyama, with the help of illustrator Toyotarou, finally gives readers a chance to see what our heroes are truly up against in Dragon Ball Super Volume 10.

Previously on the last volume of Dragon Ball Super, Moro, a feared planet-eating being, has broken out of prison with the help of former Frieza Force member Cranberry. Moro was once defeated by Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai over 10 million years ago and was imprisoned by the Galatic Patrol. After his prison break, the Galatic Patrol sought the help of Majin Buu who had absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai years ago but still has the Kai deep within. However, in their attempt to retrieve Buu from Earth Goku and Vegeta believe it is a kidnapping but are surprised when Galatic Patrolman Merus, stuns the duo and takes them with him on their ship. As per usual, Buu is unwakeable which leaves Goku and Vegeta to battle Moro who is making a play on the Namekian Dragon Balls.

In the closing panels of chapter 44, Goku and Vegeta are successfully able to track Moro to New Namek. Vegeta seems to be able to overwhelm the ancient being as readers are made aware that Moro is nowhere near full strength. Dragon Ball Super Volume 10 picks up on chapter 45 during this fight just it seems Vegeta is going to put the finishing touches on their bout. Despite being on the losing end of the fight to this point against Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue form, Moro has been holding back the true extent of his abilities. In an instant, Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue form drops. Moro begins to gather energy from the planet but this time he is also drawing it from the Namekians and other lifeforms as well. Instead of launching the gathered energy at Vegeta as he has done in the past, Moro simply eats the ball of energy-giving truth to the wizard’s capabilities.

After ingesting the energy he gathered, Moro’s form is noticeably different. The elder demonic goat-like being reverts in age as the haunch becomes less pronounced and the grin contains much fewer wrinkles. Illustrator Toyotarou has really put together a character design that truly gets better and better the more we see of Moro. There is a sense of pure evil in the way he carries himself through panels is evident in his depiction of the wizard and it is only heightened by Toriyama’s ability to make his dialogue truly menacing. Transformation is nothing new for the Z Fighters and Vegeta isn’t worried about Moro’s power increase because Super Saiyan Blue is still superior. However, Vegeta is unable to make the transformation. Moro not only can take power from the core of a planet but the literal power from all living things on that planet. Without the Saiyans even realizing it, their powers have been drained so much that they are unable to turn even into a basic Super Saiyan.

Herein lies the beauty of Moro as a villain. We have watched the Saiyan duo battle gods and tap into godly ki in the span of Dragon Ball Super. They have pushed themselves to new forms that mortals should not be able to achieve. However, that means nothing if they can’t transform into those higher forms. Unlike Cell or Majin Buu, Moro does not have to touch our heroes to render them helpless. They are now contending with a being who not only destroyed planets like Frieza but quite literally ate them to gain more power. Moro has not yet returned to his power from 10 million years ago and he already has both Goku and Vegeta on the ropes by end of chapter 45.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 10 has brought back the excitement for the Dragon Ball franchise that I wouldn’t think was possible after the Universal Survival Saga. I was truly questioning what’s next for our heroes when their powers have grown so high where Goku in Ultra Instinct is a borderline god himself. However, with the introduction of Moro, that doesn’t even matter. Our heroes have to revert back to strategy reminiscent of the Cell Saga rather than just brute force. By the end of chapter 48, I am amazed by Toriyama’s ability to keep me guessing on how they are going to defeat the villain after decades of being a fan.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 10 will be available from online booksellers on September 1, 2020.

Dragon Ball Super Volume 10


Dragon Ball Super Volume 10 has brought back the excitement for the Dragon Ball franchise that I wouldn’t think was possible after the Universal Survival Saga.

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