REVIEW: ‘The Freeze,’ Issue #4

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The Freeze #4

The Freeze #4 is published by Top Cow, an imprint of Image Comics, written by Dan Wickline, with art by Phillip Sevy, lettering by Troy Peteri, and edited by Elena Salcedo and Matt Hawkins. The series follows the events of the main protagonist, Ray, as he battles with his powers and the forces who seem to want to manipulate him.

In Issue #3, some of the questions that were once left unanswered were answered. However, more were put into place as well, The Freeze #4 answers the cliffhanger at the end along with much more.

The dialogue in the series continues to keep its ability to remain amazingly believable and understandable. The fact that each page has you ready to know what’s going to happen next is something Dan Wickline has truly mastered. The tone in The Freeze #4 is a bit more religiously charged and darker than previous issues but doesn’t get out of hand.

The characters in this issue are vocal, but a lot of them are focusing on who is mutilating the bodies around town. Also, we come across a nefarious plot between two members who seem to want to have Ray’s powers for themselves, and another who feels that he’s “The Chosen One.” These characters make you question the integrity of Ray’s inner circle more and more with each issue.

The plot is moving well and we’re given a possible answer to the biggest question of all in the series, what triggered ‘The Freeze’ in the first place? But the answer will surely leave you with more questions. Though there are several major events going on, they don’t seem to be fighting one another for attention at all.

The art in The Freeze #4 is still keeping its amazing integrity in place. Phillip Sevy continues to keep the vibrancy in each panel and makes the action, when shown, feel impactful and weighty. The pages are clean and clutter-free and reading has always been an easy task. The lettering is fantastic as it’s simple to comprehend and follow without feeling lost or overwhelmed. The bubbles in this issue seemed to stay at the top or to the side of the characters, to help prevent misreading moments, which is a good thing for me.

Overall, The Freeze #4 is a roller coaster of action and emotions that will lift you high into the sky and drop you down fast. The adrenaline that was flowing through me when I went into the next panel was an all-time high and when it came to the end, I was greeted with the severe feeling of withdrawal as the fix stopped. The emphasis on religion in this issue was more extreme in terms of violent aspects than the previous issues but doesn’t keep you from wanting to read more. I have to say this series is nearing perfection in all aspects, and I need it to continue!

Fans of action, science fiction, or strong lead characters who show that they are human, you should be reading this series. If you only pick up but one series this year, make it The Freeze series, you won’t be disappointed.

The Freeze #4 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

The Freeze #4


Overall, The Freeze #4 is a roller coaster of action and emotions that will lift you high into the sky and drop you down fast.

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