REVIEW: ‘Freedom Fighters,’ Issue #2

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Freedom Fighters #2

Nazis rule America. But just when you think the nation is beaten down, enter the Freedom Fighters! Freedom Fighters #2, the second issue of this 12-issue maxi-series, is published by DC Comics and written by Robert Venditti, with the artwork of Eddy Barrows, inks by Eber Ferreira, colors by Adriano Lucas, and lettered by Deron Bennett.

The book takes place on the world of Earth-X, a parallel universe to the one typically seen in most DC comic books. On this Earth, the Nazis won World War II decades ago making America a subjugated nation. With the world under the sway of Hitler, hope and heroism are gone, as the superheroes who used to fight the Nazi onslaught have not been seen since the war, Americans have since lived lives of quiet despair. However, those days are over. The Freedom Fighters are here in a big and bold way that is eager to knock heads. The second issue offers an epic battle royal, with the Fighters tackling a classic old school Nazi robot, with American citizens as onlookers.

For those unfamiliar with the Freedom Fighters, the team members include the Human Bomb, whose skin is literally explosive, Doll Woman, not Man, like the original version, an action figure sized madam with loads of gear and moxie, Black Condor, winged wonder, and Phantom Lady, mistress of a peculiar form of dark energy. Venditti writes the team not only with an old school zeal but also manages to tweak a few things to add diversity to the lineup that debuted in 1973.

They come down hard in a no holds barred dust-up with the robot. It’s an explosive, bright, violent issue full of stalwart poses and daring scenes from Barrow’s artwork. Ferreira, Lucas, and Bennett really add to the flair of every panel of artwork. This issue took me back to the war comics of yesteryear. Human Bomb, a favorite of mine, gets a lot of action this time around. The sole missing member from the lineup is Uncle Sam. Yes, exactly as you might have seen on an old government advertisement or in a history book with his classic goatee, red, white and blue dress. This hero gains super strength from the will of the American people, but save for a few mysterious panels, later on, he’s strangely absent. The battle is fierce, epic and rendered exceptionally well. but dealing damage is not the sole reason the Fighters enter the public spotlight. They bring a message – Hope.

It is a message timely and much-needed in any era, and the Freedom Fighters tell onlookers to spread the word someone is here to fight for you. All is not lost. It’s a bold statement, especially considering the Nazis have run things for decades and the Fighters are very much behind the eight ball on liberating America. Heck, they only have twelve issues to do it! And things will only get harder, as a creepy reveal in the final page shows the threat to be worse than the Fighters can imagine.

I recommend this maxi-series to fans of World War Two, fans of the Amazon Prime show Man in the High Castle, geeks who love lees popular superheroes and anyone looking for a new series to dig into. This issue offered up a classic comic book fight, lots of boom, the air of heroism and good versus evil. Get in on it and spread the word. This talented crew is onto something special here.

Freedom Fighters #2 is available in comic book stores now.

Freedom Fighters #2


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