REVIEW: ‘Amazing Spider-Man,’ Issue #87

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Amazing Spider-Man #87

Amazing Spider-Man #87 is written by Jed MacKay, illustrated by Carlos Gomez, colored by Bryan Valenza, and lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna. It’s published by Marvel Comics. Peter Parker is slowly recovering from his battle with the U-Foes, but he has a long way to go before he’s ready to reclaim the mantle of Spider-Man. Thankfully, he gets help in the form of Captain America and the Black Cat! Meanwhile, Ben Reilly goes through therapy after his mental breakdown in the previous issue.

The thing I love most about Peter Parker as a character is that even when life knocks him to the ground and considering his history, that’s happened more often than not, he’ll get back up. This holds true even when he’s fought radioactive supervillains, but this time he has his fellow heroes to lean on. MacKay has a firm grasp on Peter’s dynamic with both Felicia and Cap; the former cares for him enough to know that he can’t suit up as Spidey again without relearning his web-slinging ways, while the latter’s worked side by side with him as an Avenger and knows how to push him when needed. It’s a far cry from Beyond using unethical techniques to keep Ben and Ashley Kafka in line. This proves to have dangerous consequences as Ben forgets specific memories, which doesn’t bode well for anyone.

MacKay is joined by Gomez, who illustrates the issue with his trademark sheen and stylish flair. Action sequences, including Peter and Felicia swinging through the air and Peter sparring with Cap, take on a life of their own, as characters look like they’re actually moving. And the characters are built distinctly; Peter has a gymnast’s build while Cap towers over nearly everyone and looks like he’s cut from marble. Peter and Ben even have their visual differences, with Peter being clean-shaven and brunette while Ben sports stubble and his blond hair is disheveled. Spider-Man fans will also see Peter sporting a very familiar look in lieu of his usual web-covered costume.

Rounding out the artistic team is Valenza, who brings bright and summery colors to the book. Most of the issue takes place in the daytime, with the sun bouncing off of windows and illuminating Peter’s journey through the concrete canyons of New York. Later, those same buildings are depicted as a glittering mass of lights in the night sky. Caramagna helps keep track of time with a simple caption in the corner of each page; as time goes on, the caption changes depending on the day or location. And the lettering is very sleek and hi-tech looking, which fits with the overall theme of Beyond’s corporate exploration.

Amazing Spider-Man #87 once again turns its focus on Peter Parker as Captain America and Black Cat work to get him in web-slinging shape. This issue and Mary Jane/Black Cat: Beyond #1 serve as a great two-part story while also pushing the Beyond Saga forward. I hope this isn’t the last Spidey story MacKay pens, as he’s fast becoming one of my favorite comic writers.

Amazing Spider-Man #87 is available now wherever comics are sold.

Amazing Spider-Man #87


Amazing Spider-Man #87 once again turns its focus on Peter Parker as Captain America and Black Cat work to get him in web-slinging shape.

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