REVIEW: ‘The Promised Neverland Season 2,’ Episode 2

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Promised Neverland Episode 2

The Promised Neverland Season 2 is a highly anticipated return for fans of both the manga -which has ended serialization- and the first season of the anime. Season 1 of The Promised Neverland aired in Winter 2019 to critical acclaim. Season 2 is a direct continuation of the previous story, tracking Emma and the children of Grace Field as they fend off the demons that inhabit their steadily growing world.  Last episode dropped up viewers right back into the action of their recent escape from Grace Field. Now in the real world -and without the protection of their forever lost home- the children have to find their way back to humanity… or else. Now, The Promised Neverland episode 2 opens up in lull.

After escaping a pack of hunting demons, Emma, Ray and their brothers and sisters encounter Mujika, a mysterious, humanoid demon who presents an imminent threat. In the eyes of the children, demons are automatically the enemy. Even though Mujika and her companion Sonju seem much closer to human morals than not, they still can’t be completely trusted. Thankfully, all the beloved children of Grace Field are more than safe, thanks to the demons. Even better, Mujiko and Sonju are vegetarians of sorts. That is to say, they don’t eat humans. It’s great news for all of the children, especially since their experiences with demons have been less than positive.

After a kind meal, Emma and Ray approach the demons and ask the question viewers have been wondering: what happened to humans, and to humanity? The answer is grim, but fitting for the series: humans and demons have an agreement to separate their worlds. It explains why the children were raised in their home-slash-farm. But, Emma’s sunshine-y personality keeps her chin up in light of some pretty series information. In fact, both she and Ray are elated to find that there truly is a solution, one where they can continue to live and one day, thrive. It’s a really touching moment and a reminder of why Emma is such a lovely protagonist.

The next day, the kids head out and, thanks to Mujika’s guidance, are able to travel safely underground to within a day of the pen’s destination. Hope is closer than ever. In fact, it feels nearly tangible. Yet the show never lets viewers forget that there’s always something waiting, especially in a world filled with demons. A lot of The Promised Neverland episode 2 is filled with little tidbits of heartwarming moments between the kids, and plenty of moments with the demons. This is the meat and potatoes of The Promised Neverland, and often, where the story is the strongest. An instance where Gilda scolds Emma for being a bit reckless. Skill training montages with the demons. Moments where the kids make dumplings to share with the demons.

These are some of the sweetest snapshots of these children who ultimately, viewers will be glad survived. It’s a lovely reminder that there’s hope too, which is -at its core- what The Promised Neverland is all about. I think that’s why so many fans of the franchise are thrilled to have a second season.

The peak of The Promised Neverland episode 2 is a sequence where Emma learns how to hunt. It’s a necessary evil when it comes to keep herself and her family fed. Up until this point, the children haven’t taken a life. Even when they set their home on fire, they didn’t kill anyone. It was merely a means to an end, though not an absolute one.  Still, out in the forest and away from the regular food deliveries to her childhood home, Emma needs to find some way to eat. Meat is the best solution, especially given the size of her family. Painful as it is, Emma realizes it’s a necessary part of their survival outside of Grace Field.

Emma’s struggle is incredibly understandable. She’s a child who doesn’t want others to suffer. Sonju recognizes this, and rather than calling her childish, shows Emma a kind way to end the life of her prey by using a flower called the Vida.  Fans will recognize this flower as the same flower from season one. However, we get a bit more background here. The Vida is a vampiric bloom that absorbs blood in order to bloom. The demons use it by piercing a body with the stem. It’s a convenient way to preserve meat. However, it’s also the way to remove blood from felled prey.

The moment resolves in a genuinely touching scene that starts the slow transition of Emma to child into Emma the survivor. Now that Emma has her hands dirty with the outside world, it truly feels like she can never go back… even if she wanted to.

The Promised Neverland episode 2 is a pleasant breather given the intense action of the premier. Still, it moves the plot along at a decent clip. Additionally, this episode also shows a fresh side to the demons that inhabit the world. It’s nice to see that there are friends on the outside for the children. However, cautious viewers shouldn’t get too comfortable. The children still have a long journey before they unravel William Minerva’s clues and the mystery provided by the pen.

Where this season will go is still yet unknown. However, Promised Neverland continues to be a beautiful series about found family, hope, and simply trying your best to make a better tomorrow. Safe to say that thus far, this cour is utterly satisfying.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 is streaming now on Funimation.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 2
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