REVIEW: Operation Amber Sky is a Mission Success for ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’ (PC)

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Operation amber Sky

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint continues to be a success for fans of the FPS-genre. And with Ubisoft’s new Title Update 3.10 (TU310) and live event, “Operation Amber Sky,” they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

In “Operation Amber Sky,” players join forces with the popular Operators from Rainbow Six Siege to stop the Private Military Company, Sentinel, from producing and distributing the Amber Ruin toxic gas. It will be up to the players to stop Sentinel across nine different story-driven missions, each with its own unique experiences inside Sentinel’s “gas areas.” Long-time fans of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy series will be excited to know that once the first mission of Amber Sky is completed, Rainbow Six Siege legends Ash, Finka, and Thatcher will be available to be used in-game as an alternative to regular teammates. The new mechanics introduced in “Operation Amber Sky” are a fun-twist on what makes Ghost Recon: Breakpoint such a great FPS game. 

Throughout Aurora, there are 5 new “gas areas” where players will automatically equip gas masks. What makes this aspect of the new gameplay interesting is that gas masks use filters, meaning each action players take inside gas areas needs to be planned and methodical. There are a finite amount of recharging stations for filters, so scouting the area as you take out enemies is paramount.

Stopping Sentinel requires three forms of combat and espionage. First is sabotaging the production of Amber Ruin. This is done by using the breaching mechanic, which was inspired by Rainbow Six Siege. Sabotage missions were the highlights of the new gameplay, as organizing your team, placing the explosives, and attacking the forces inside the laboratories gave a perfect balance of Rainbow Six nostalgia with the smooth gameplay and visuals of Breakpoint.

Next up is preventing the toxin from leaving Aurora by spying on buyers and neutralizing their shipments. These missions require espionage and a gentler touch than I possess with FPS games, but an absolute blast regardless.

Finally, there are missions for making an antidote. These missions are fun, fast-paced, and keep your heart rate high as the stealth skills required to get past your enemy with heavy firepower or complete camouflage make the challenge tough. In particular, Fight Fire with Fire is a level all players should keep an eye out for.

However, the fun doesn’t stop with just the “Operation Amber Sky” live event. As previously stated, getting back in on the action with Ash, Finke and Thatcher is a reward in and of itself. These elite soldiers use their original weapons and outfits from Rainbow Six Siege and come equipped with their own unique abilities. Ash has “Breaching Rounds,” which are capable of destroying vehicles. Finka has the “Adrenal Surge” ability, which heals and boosts allies. Thatcher comes with the “EMP Grenade” ability, which deactivates drones and turrets. They are awesome additions to Aurora, as they have the same look and sound as R6S, but unlike teammates in Breakpoint, they are not able to be customized.

There are also some top-notch items to look forward to in Maria’s shop and once you have completed the live event. There are 10 rewards you can get before the live event ends, such as the Bailiff 410, G2, and OTS-03 rifle. Maria’s shop comes with new vehicles, guns, and accessories for your player and squad.

Overall, I was shocked by how robust the new features and gameplay was with “Operation Amber Sky.” To seamlessly integrate three exciting game modes while hitting nostalgic notes any fan of Rainbow Six Siege will love is a testament to how Ubisoft has its fingers on the pulse of the Tom Clancy community. Get ready for the new  Title Update 3.10 and “Operation Amber Sky” for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you are in for a wild ride.

The Title Update 3.10 will be available on January 19, and the “Operation Amber Sky” live event starts on January 21 and ends on January 30. For more information head over to the Ubisoft Blog.

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