Episode 48: Let’s Talk About Endeavor

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We’ve done a lot of talking about My Hero Academia on this podcast. We’ve talked about Deku’s strength and vulnerability, Bakugo’s growth into a leader, and now, we’re going to talk about Endeavor. More specifically in this episode, we talk about Endeavor, the purpose of redemption arcs, and ultimately is there a difference between redemption and atonement. We dive into Kohei Horikoshi’s writing of the bad dad and break down how the mangaka doesn’t just focus on making Endeavor likable like most redemption arcs in media. Instead, Horikoshi continually reminds the readers of the abuse that the character has committed and doesn’t try to apologize for it with backstories of tragedy. Instead, Horikoshi turns this into a story of atonement and one where Endeavor doesn’t expect forgiveness and with some people doesn’t receive it.

This episode covers all of his arc at the time of posting. If you haven’t read the manga and don’t want to be spoiled then this is one is an episode to put bookmark for later. We talk about what’s been shown in the anime so far and focus on the reveals from the current arc and the Endeavor Agency Arc which pulls us through Chapter 294 of the manga



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