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Bryan Edward Hill

Joss Whedon’s world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been around since 1997 and like most Whedon creations has a solid base of fans who followed not only Buffy’s slaying days in Sunnyvale but also followed the supernatural detective cases that Angel cracked starting in 1999. Now, 20 years, later, Angel is back as part of BOOM! Studio’s reimagining of the Buffy-verse.  Going into its fourth issue, Angel has quickly become one of my favorite monthly comics to pick up. Written by Bryan Edward Hill, with art from Gleb Melnikov, we’re getting a look at the best tall, dark, and moody vampire this time in 2019.

This weekend, I got the chance to talk with Bryan Edward Hill about his work on the series, where it’s going, and what has gone into adapting the series which includes characters that many people love, including Hill himself. With the first big bad of Angel being a larger critique of social media we live in, Hill explained how his storytelling and Whedon’s look to hide the evil in plain sight.

After speaking with Hill, one thing is clear, he has a passion for the character, the world, is working with Melnikov to bring together a story and identity for the characters that pull create something new while honoring each character’s essence from the 2000s series.

Click play and take a listen to learn more about what drew Hill to the series, how he plans to showcase a magical Los Angeles, and who might be popping up in future issues.

Want to grab the series? Check it out on ComiXology using our affiliate link.

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