Episode 14: Initial D (2005)

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Initial D

This week, the women talk about 2005’s Initial D, a Hong Kong action film adapted from Japanese Initial D manga and anime series. We talk about the movie, the development of drift racing in Japan, similarities to the early The Fast & The Furious franchise, and get into some talk about appropriation vs appreciation.

Initial D is a 2005 Hong Kong action film directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. It is a film adaptation of the Japanese Initial D manga series, with elements combined from the first, second, and third stages. The main character, Takumi Fujiwara, is portrayed by Jay Chou in his film acting debut.

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About 5 Centimeters Per Second: Byousoku 5 Centimeter is a romantic drama that focuses on the mundane and harsh reality of long-distance relationships. Stuck in the past and unable to make any new memories, Takaki and Akari cling to the hope of seeing each other again. They live their everyday lives half-heartedly, both hurting themselves and the people around them.

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