REVIEW: ‘The Flash,’ Issue #63

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The Flash #63 - But Why Tho?

The Flash #63, published by DC Comics, is written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Minkyu Jung, with colors by Hi-Fi Color, and the lettering by Steve Wands. This is the final comic that will cover The Flash’s Force Quest. The comic picks up with Commander Cold and Detective Burns inside the mysterious funhouse. Cold is very worried about their current situation. Back in Zandia, Gemini are still talking about the Force powers away from Barry and Psyche. They form a temporary alliance to escape Gemini, which ends up having deadly consequences. While this is going on, Barry begins to have memories of a person he once really cared for.

A lot of the issues I had in the last issue were fixed in this issue. One of the main focuses of the encounter between Gemini and the team of Barry and Psyche talked about the origin of Force powers. While it’s something that’s brand new and could seem a bit convoluted, it sets up an important arc for Barry in the future. He’ll have to choose whether to embrace his destiny or find a different way to tackle his most dangerous mission yet. Whatever he decides to do, I’m really excited to see how it plays out. Williamson closed out the final chapter of this story in the best way possible and created a smooth transition for what’s to come.

I was amazed by the fight and the different uses of powers. We only got a glimpse of what Psyche could do with his powers in the previous issue. Part of the praise has to go to Williamson for the concept of Psyche’s power, but seeing how it looks was incredible. The facial expressions on several of the characters towards the end of the comic could be felt. It’s amazing whenever any piece of literature is able to convey emotions so perfectly that the readers can feel them.

One of the things that I wasn’t a fan of was The Flash choosing to team up with Psyche, again. It makes sense, plot-wise at least, but I just wish Barry could be written better sometimes. But the explanation that he gives makes up for it. Returning to one’s roots when they’ve forgotten their purpose can serve as a perfect struggle for Barry to go on in future issues. His desire to find himself as a hero has been done before, but I’m sure it’ll be handled well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. There were moments where I wasn’t quite sure where the story arc was going, but it all wrapped up nicely in the end. What really captured my attention was the ending, setting up the story for The Flash Annual #2. This isn’t the last time that we see the Force powers being talked about. Barry will surely be in the fight of his life when the time comes for him to deal with it.

The Flash #63 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

The Flash #63


There were moments where I wasn’t quite sure where the story arc was going, but it all wrapped up nicely in the end.

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